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OMG Rich’s Ice Cream Cones Absolutely the Best! | #188

This ice cream was so good.


I have never enjoyed an ice cream cone as much as I enjoyed this ice cream cone from Rich’s at the Thursday Nights at Historic Downtown Folsom Marketplace.
This ice cream was so good.


This ice cream was unbelievable.
This ice cream was so good.

I enjoyed every single calorie right down to the last bite of this ice cream.
This ice cream was so good.


The ice cream cone was sweet and it almost melted in my mouth.
This ice cream was so good.


I think I drove the person I was with nuts as I was enjoying every bite..
I was having a relationship between me and my ice cream…
I kept saying OMG this is so good…
OMG this is so good…
OMG this is so good…

He finally told me I told him…
OMG this is so good ten times!
I think that was his hint to be quiet…

So I whispered under my breath…
OMG this is so good!

I am still thinking about this ice cream…
OMG THAT was sooooooo good!!!


I am so glad that Rich’s doesn’t have a store front in Folsom because I would be tempted to go there everyday. You can only get Rich’s ice cream at events. Of course, I could plan an event and have them cater it. hmmmm Not such a bad idea! I hear a party stirring over at the McCoy’s!

365 Day Project: Gratitude Bucket Day #188
I am forever grateful for Rich’s and his delightful ice cream that is OMG so good!

Coffee Art

Yelp-Bloom Coffee-Friends |#183

Coffee Art
I always wanted a coffee with fancy artwork!

I called a friend that I haven’t seen for a very long time and asked her if she wanted to have coffee. I was pleased when she said, “Where?”

hmmmm Where?


No, I want to try something new.

I pulled out my iPhone and went directly to my Yelp app.

I put in “find coffee”.
Then I put in close to Roseville. That is when I saw Bloom Coffee. I forward her the address directly from Yelp along with a message to me so I would have the address convenient in my text messages.

Bloom's Coffee

Oh My! This place is so cute! I love the decor and it is definitely a change from Starbucks.

Bloom's Coffee

I checked out the menu. By the looks of this place, I thought to myself, I bet they do those fancy coffees with the artwork.
Bloom's Coffee
I asked the Barista if they made these drinks. And they did! She suggested a Gibralter since I said I didn’t want any sugar and as little of milk as possible. Yep, I am always aware of them extra ten pounds I am fighting!
Bloom's Coffee
My girlfriend ordered a latte.

Oh, I didn’t tell you. When I walked into Bloom there was this most incredible smell. Something was baking! I asked the Barista what I smelled.
She said, “Brownies.”
She said, “Brownies that have just come out of the oven.”
She said, “Would you like one?!”

“Yeh! I would like one! BUT NO thank you, I will pass. You see I have this battle everyday with ten pounds. Ten pounds have kind of, sort of gotten closer to twenty pounds. I can’t take it! I will just soak in the smell.” I thought.
Bloom's Coffee
“I will just have the coffee, please,” I responded as I drooled over all the desserts in the case just inches from me. Yummy, delicious desserts that I would love to indulge in…

Three hours passed.
Yes, three hours!

My girlfriend and I had so much to catch up on.
Her son now married. My daughter now married.
She has no grandchildren in the near future. I have none coming in the near future.
Her other son is doing an internship in Germany. My son just graduated from college.
Her body has changed. Ummm, Yes, my body has changed.
She loves girlfriend time and wants to get together again soon. As well as I do!

I love girlfriends.
I love girlfriend time.

Yes, this coffee experience at Bloom Coffee and with my friend has filled my gratitude bucket.

I will look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you some day soon! Give me a call!


cake pops

No! Please Don’t Tempt Me!

cake pops

I want one.
I know I shouldn’t.
They are so tempting.
they are so good!

I ate three yesterday! Yep, three!

I know I am suppose to be eating healthy!
I know!
It’s Sissy and New Hubby’s fault!

They brought them to me.
They are a present!
You can’t throw a present away! Right?!
So they are sitting on the kitchen counter.
On the kitchen counter where every time I want a drink of water, I see them.
Yesterday I let them entice me.
They called my name and I answered!

Today I went to the gym at 5am.
I had a great workout of riding the bike and yoga.
I came home and looked at them.
They called my name.
I said, “No, I didn’t go to the gym at 5am to be ruined by you!”

I ate my healthy breakfast of scramble egg and spinach.

I went and did some errands then came back with a Starbucks coffee.
“”Wouldn’t they be good with my coffee? I thought.

“No!” I answered.

“Just one,” I thought.
I picked it up to unwrap it…

“No, don’t do it!” I shouted.

I put it back and went into my office with just my coffee.

Break time! Time for water and….
They called me again. Maybe I could have just one….

Nope, they are not going to win! I took a banana instead!

I can’t throw them away. I can’t! they are so pretty and so delicious!

How many calories do you think are in one of these? Can’t be many, right?

If only someone else in my house would eat them, I would no longer be tempted.

Five hours later….

The cake pops are gone! Gone!
Someone feels guilty because she ate them.

Grandma Cooks: Hamburger Cookies


These hamburgers are easy to make and all the neighbor kids love them!


You will need two Nilla Nabisco wafers for the bun and one Keebler Grasshopper cookie or Girl Scout thin mint.

We laid them out in an assembly line fashion.


White frosting acts as the mayonnaise. Put the “mayonnaise” on one Nilla Wafer then top it with a Keebler Grasshopper or Girl Scout thin mint cookie.

Press the chocolate cookie down so the “mayonnaise” oozes out. Yum! You DO like mayonnaise on your hamburgers?


Use a pastry bag or ziplock bag to apply mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and lettuce.

Fill your ziplock bag with the appropriate color then snip a small triangle off the corner. Easy!


Grandma has great fingers for being a Grandma! (You won’t see my fingers there even though I am much younger!)



Apply the mustard and catsup…


and the green lettuce…


add the top of the bun…


Looking good! Do you see the resemblance of a hamburger?



Here we used a tip to form lettuce. I don’t think it matters once the burger is put together if you use the tip.


Does that look like lettuce?


Pour sesame seeds into a pan to brown. Becareful! Once they start browning you will notice they start cooking really fast.


Pour the browned sesame seeds immediately in a heat safe bowl so they stop cooking.

Note: Don’t do like we did and use a styrofoam bowl! The seeds were so hot they burnt a hole right through the bowl!


This is agave syrup which is dropped onto the top of the bun. Spread agave syrup with a pastry brush.


Then add toasted sesame seeds. Let sit over night if you want the agave syrup to dry.


Bon appetit!  I shared one with my Dad to help me save on the calories (you know about them darn ten pounds!) They were pretty good!

NOTE: To make the frosting use any white frosting recipe you like. Divide the frosting into four parts for the four different colors. For best color results use the color gel for cake decorating.

If you decide to make these, I would love you to submit a picture of your kids enjoying them! The first 5 pictures submitted will receive a certificate for a McDonald’s burger.

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