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Unique Mailboxes in a Row

Make Someone’s Day-Send a Random Note

Unique Mailboxes in a Row

Send a random note to someone today. Anyone! Send it to the first person that comes into your mind. It doesn’t need to say much. It can be just a, “Hi, I was thinking of you” note. Nothing more….

When that person receives it, I can almost guarantee that they will say, “How nice was that for him to send me that note.”

It is more about the effort of picking up a card; writing a few words in it; getting a stamp and walking to the mailbox.

How long did that take you? Five minutes? Ten minutes?

That 5-10 minutes could be all it takes to make someone’s day!

Make someone’s day! Make a Difference!


Pacific Grove Beach Whale Mailbox

Random Pocket Notes: Mailboxes

Looking for some unique mailboxes? Check out Pacific Grove Beach in California! They have some awesome creative mailboxes like this Whale mailbox and the anchor mailbox I featured last week.

When was the last time you sent out a personal note to someone? Today would be a great day to remember someone! You are going to the post office any ways to mail your taxes, how about sending a note to your tax preparer. Let them know how much you appreciate them! I know, taxes are no fun, that is all the more reason to recognize your tax preparer!

Happy Tax Day! It is a whale of a day! (That is the extent of my creativity today! haha)