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2011 Celebrate |#182

Grab your dancing shoes.
Put on your party clothes.
We are going to Celebrate!

Ya Hooo!


What are we celebrating?

We are celebrating the half way point of my 2011 365-Day-Project.

Ya Hoooo!

Raise those hands. Swing those hips.

I made it half way.
I posted every single day so far of 2011.
Yes, I did want to quit.
Yes, many times I wondered why I was doing this.

You will notice quite a few days I started posting words of inspiration in place of my gratitude. My feelings were that at least I was still doing something every day as part of my 365 Day Project. I also figured it was my rules so if I wanted to change it up from Gratitude to Inspiration it would be ok.

Ya Hoooo!

Strum that air guitar!
Ya Hoooo!

There is a party going on!

And guess what? It will continue for 183 more days! I think….

I think it will last for 183 days…
with the help from my friends..
with your encouragement.

It is a celebration!
Hip to the left two counts. Hip to the right two counts. Right…Left.
Hands up in the air. Scream “Ya Hooo!”

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog!
Thank you for those who leave comments!!! I love comments! I really, truly love comments! I celebrate every time I get a comment! Comments are a reason to celebrate!

You know what? On day 180 I was telling myself that it was ok to quit at the half way point. I told this to a few of my girlfriends…with their encouragement…I am baaaacccck! Yep, I am here…being grateful every day!

Celebrating gratefulness one day at a time!

Was That a Smile?

Smiling people

Was that a smile I saw on your face?

Did you just give that to me?

Why, thank you!

How did you know I needed that today?

Pass on a smile to someone who may need it today you never know what is going on behind closed doors in the other persons life. That smile might be all that other person needs to make it through their day.

A smile shows you care.

Something as simple as a smile can make someones day!

Here is a smile from me…

Clown Ice Cream Cone


Girlfriend Time 69/365

Great girlfriends…
A little wine…
Great food…

What more can a girl ask for?!!

I love girlfriend time!

I am wearing a big smile tonight after some much needed girlfriend time!!!

Filling my gratitude bucket with friendship!

Note: Sorry, girlfriends for the photo, THAT I wasn’t in control of! I guess we should have taken the photo before the guys got their drinks!

Little Children 44/365

Handsome grandsonA beautiful baby girl.

How can you not smile when you see a little child?! They are so adorable! I was fortunate to hang around these two beautiful grandchilden the last two days. (No, not my grandchildren, my girlfriend’s grandchildren!)

Made me smile.

Made me hopeful for my own grandchildren…some day!

Made me miss being a young Mom!

I have been saying that a lot lately, sorry!

It is going to take a little while to make the adjustment to this empty nest.

No wait, I am not sorry! I am telling you how it is. I am going through the change. Enough said!

So here I sit smiling at my memories of my children when they were young and the time I got to share with these two little ones this weekend!

Thanks for the smile you sweet, sweet lovely children!