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Pam McCoy

I am back..NOT that anyone missed me

Pam McCoy
I am back to Random Pocket Notes.

Not that you care.

Not that you missed me.

This is about me.

About having a place to escape.

Escape with my thoughts.

Exposing a little..yes, a little, creative writing.

Is it creative?

Who is judging?

Mr. Herbold, my 10th grade English teacher?

My Mom or Dad?

My kids?

My friends?

My future employers?

My future husband?


Does it matter?

God is the only one that ultimately matters.

He is first.

He is my leader.

And, you know, even HE won’t judge me.

He will accept me for who I am.

He will accept me for what I say and what I think.

He will always be here…caring.

So I am back to Random Pocket Notes.


Opening up…







Will I share more then I should?


The thing is, I need to share…for me!

I need to share for you.

I need to share for you whom may be experiencing some of the same joys and sorrow that I am experiencing.

I need to share for you whom may be scared to take action but from my experience and words it will help give you the power and courage to leave, to move on, to love, to laugh, to cry…to share.

Let’s have a relationship here…

Yes, here on Random Pocket Notes.

Comment here.

Share here.

Or if it is all you can do is listen, then by all means LISTEN!

Love and hugs.


PJ Mom

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