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College Boy Leaves-Mom fills Pockets with Notes

Jeans Pocket Note

College Boy just left for Spring Semester after his Winter break.

Pants Pocket Note

I couldn’t let him leave without some pocket notes.

Backpack Pocket Note

I quickly scribbled some random notes to put into his belongings.

I put notes in his new white socks. College boy always goes back to school with a dozen new white socks. Take a good look at them…they will never be this white again. Next time I see him, his socks will be dingy white. Not sure how that happens. Maybe because he forgets to wash white clothes seperate from dark clothes?!!!

Socks Pocket Note

Shoe Pocket Note

Any place I could find to quickly stuff a note, I stuffed one. Shoes, socks, sleeping bags, lids to deoderant, backpacks, books…..

Shorts Pocket Note

I want to be sure that College Boy knows he is loved and that he can do anything!

Sleeping Bag Pocket Note

Sport Coat Pocket Note

I know he will be going to job fairs, interviews and industry events this Spring so I want him to find notes of encouragement. It gives me the pleasure of being there without being there. It is like I get to give him that hug and words of encouragement before he goes out the door.

White Shirt Pocket Note

I know he appreciates the words of encouragment and deep down he misses the “Mom good luck hug”. So this is my way of being involved in his special moments.

I love my College Boy….

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