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Thankful for Blogger Shan with Family Brings Joy |#168

I am not sure when I first ran across Shan’s blog Family Brings Joy.

I am not sure what made me return after the first visit. I do know one post that I thought was so cool when she shared her new craft room. Or it could have been the time she shared about NOT BEING PERFECT as others perceived her to be perfect. Or maybe it was I could relate with her as she motivated herself and others to run.

I think it was I just felt Shan’s heart from the first time I read her blog posts.

I felt joy because she still had children at home to raise and I love reading about others families and smiling over their family photos.

I also love the way she shares great items she has found.

She connected with me via Google Connect which made me feel special.

She commented on some of my blog posts which made me feel special.

I think if I meant her in the real world, we would enjoy sharing stories and photos. Real photos! Not .gif photos.

I am grateful for the comments that Shan has made.

I am grateful for the love she shares for her family and friends on her blog.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet her and others through my blogging.

365 Day Project: Gratitude Bucket | Day # 168

Wishing all my blog friends a wonderful weekend!

Pacific Grove Beach Whale Mailbox

Random Pocket Notes: Mailboxes

Looking for some unique mailboxes? Check out Pacific Grove Beach in California! They have some awesome creative mailboxes like this Whale mailbox and the anchor mailbox I featured last week.

When was the last time you sent out a personal note to someone? Today would be a great day to remember someone! You are going to the post office any ways to mail your taxes, how about sending a note to your tax preparer. Let them know how much you appreciate them! I know, taxes are no fun, that is all the more reason to recognize your tax preparer!

Happy Tax Day! It is a whale of a day! (That is the extent of my creativity today! haha)

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