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Middle aged mom holding down backside of calf during branding

California City Slicker Video Blog | Yes, She Holds, Brands, Inoculates and Tags!

Yes, I did it!

I participated in branding, inoculating and ear tagging the calves!

No, I didn’t just take pictures!

Does she make the bull calf into a steer?

No, I didn’t make any bull calves into steers!

No, I didn’t get pooped on!

Yes, I have to admit I had fun!

Yes, I got dirty.

Yes, I would do it again!

Thanks to the cowboys in the video that were so patient with me! I actually think they were a little surprised when I said I wanted to participate, after all…I am old enough to be their mother! OUCH!

Want to join me next time? They can always use extra hands out there on the cattle ranch in the middle of no where with no Starbucks, no shopping, no nail salons, no girlfriends, ummmmm WHY was I out there??

Giddy up!

Enjoy the ride!

A California City Slicker aka Middle Aged Mom aka Pam

Hey, Y’all come back! I still have more City Slicker stories to tell!

Purple cactus flower "You are the best"

I Have Great Friends! |#178

Purple cactus flower "You are the best"
I have great friends.
Wonderful friends.
Amazing friends.
Friends that stick by my side.
Friends that don’t judge.
Friends that inspire me.
Friends that live a God-ly life.
Friends that share their love of God.
Friends that taught me how to walk by Faith.
Friends that live their life by Faith.
Friends that believe.
Friends who believe in me.
Friends who believe in God and all that he has to offer and all he has to teach.

I have great friends.
I have awesome friends.
I have friends that walk the talk.
I have friends that would never forsake me. As God will never forsake us.
I have friends that will always stand by my side. As God will always stand by my side.
I have friends that will carry me through any life experience that I may need to be carried through.As God would carry me.
I have friends that know what is going on with me without speaking a word. As God knows me without speaking.
I have friends that pray for me. As God prays with me.

Could a girl ask for anything more?

And you know what the most amazing thing is?

I don’t have just one friend that fits this bill…

I have many, many friends that fit this bill….

They know who they are…

As God has a personal relationship with each of us who believe and doesn’t need us to boast about that relationship.
My girlfriends have a personal relationship with me and don’t need me to boast about our special relationship.

God is power. My friends show God’s power.

God always loves me. My friends always love me.

And I….
I am the luckiest girl…
with all that love and support and guidance and faith and belief and strength…
How could one not live the life that God meant for us to live.

I love you, my friends!
Thank you for sharing your love of God with me.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for teaching me so much!

I am grateful!

365 Day Project: Gratitude Bucket | Day # 178

decorated luminaria bags

Luminaria Ceremony: American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life

There were a lot of children participating in the West Sacramento American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event. Some who were inflicted with the awful disease but many who had family members that were battling the disease or had lost their life to it. These kids especially touched me as they spoke about their loved ones.

10 year old decorates luminaria bags

One young ten year old especially touched my heart as I was able to work with her at the Luminaria table. She volunteered a few hours decorating bags for loved ones who were not able to decorate their own bags. She had told me about many family members that had cancer. Her aunt got cancer awhile she was pregnant and lost her baby. Her papa whom she was the closest to of all the grandchildren, lost his life to cancer. Her story was of determination to fight the cancer. She knew by giving her time to this event that we would be that much closer to fighting this deadly disease that has impacted her young life.

5 year old carries luminaria bags for Relay for Life

Another little boy, only five years old, he was a doll! He helped us load all the luminaria bags onto the trailer for distribution around the field. He placed each bag so carefully as if he was remembering each person that the bag represented. It was quite amazing to watch. He looked at each bag and was sure to place the artwork in one direction. I later caught up with him awhile he was selling light sticks for the evening show to thank him for his hard work and diligence. He understood why he was at the event. At his young age of five, he had been impacted by the disease. He was there to help fight it.

Kids help at the American Cancer Society Relay for life.

Kids help at the American Cancer Society Relay for life.

Kids help at the American Cancer Society Relay for life.

Many young adults were there lending a helping hand. They were there because they are givers and wanted to help. Yes, Mom and Dads, your young adults have kind hearts. Yes, America, there are good people out there…our kids are not what the news always represents. There is so much more then what we hear on the news. These young adults helped all Friday evening to set up, returned Saturday morning at 6am to help and stayed until 10pm. (I am sure they showed up Sunday to help break everything down, too!) They stayed working…and giving from their heart. They didn’t have to be there. Many of their parents were not there. These young adults were there because they had heard about the event from a friend and decided to be part of the Relay for Life.

Kids help decorate luminaria bags at the American Cancer Society Relay for life.

Another Mom and her young daughter worked with me all day at the luminaria table. They were there because they knew the event volunteer coordinator and she had mentioned the event. They didn’t have any plans that day so they thought they would come out for a few hours to help. They got so wrapped up in the event that they volunteered for 13 hours! From a few hours to 13 hours! Why did they stay that long? They got trapped (in a good way) to the energy of the day. They were surrounded by love and enthusiasm for life and hope…hope that there would be a cure for cancer one day.

There was so much positive energy during the day as the music played in the background and relay groups continued to walk around the track. Some walked in solitude awhile others walked in big groups.

decorated luminaria bags

cancer family member decorates luminaria bag

Did I do a bag for my Dad?  I have to confess I did not. I thought about it. I wanted to do a bag but yet I didn’t. I hadn’t volunteered there because of my Dad. I had volunteered there because of all the other families. Besides I didn’t want to deal with my emotions that day. I was there to serve, to listen, to show compassion. I watched as many people decorated their bags. Some smiled because their bags were in honor of someone who was cancer free for several years. But there was those who you could tell it was hard to sit and write the name of the loved one they had lost…the one they were writing in memory of…. Lots of emotions went into those bags.

This day wasn’t about me.
It wasn’t about my Dad and the cancer he suffers with.

This day was giving, listening and being present for others.

I will come back to this event some day not as a volunteer but as a participant. Some day when I want to honor my Dad for all the cancer battles he has fought…but for this day only….I am thinking about all the other people that are here and the burdens on their heart and in their mind because of this nasty ugly deadly disease.

Yes, during the luminaria ceremony, I shed a tear or two for my Dad but I quickly shut those tears off and focused on all the loved ones that were on that football field…at that moment.

I hope each and everyone of you keep moving forward to helping fight this battle. It would be awesome to say that we have conquered this ugly disease. That the event is now….a Relay of Life NOT a Relay of life to fight cancer.

Thank you to all the volunteers and relay teams for allowing me to experience your stories, your emotions and your love. I will carry your stories in my heart…..

Holding on to HOPE…..


California City Slicker has an Encounter with Bees at the New Mexico Cattle Ranch

orange sunrise through smoke from Arizona fires in New Mexico

Another day at the New Mexico Cattle Ranch.

orange sunrise through smoke from Arizona fires in New Mexico

There was a beautiful sunrise.

orange sunrise through smoke from Arizona fires in New Mexico

These pictures were taken during the same time the big Arizona fire was burning. The smoke had traveled throughout New Mexico and into parts of Colorado.

I put my hiking boots on and went for an exploratory hike.

pink cactus flower ready to open

I noticed the flowers on the cactus plants were just getting ready to bloom.

cactus has pink flower blossoms

By the last day of my trip, they were blooming.

When I was out on my walk, I continually looked down where I was walking looking for rattle snakes. There were no rattle snakes but I discovered this swarm of bees. They were fascinating. They would swarm around; then groups of them would gather together and create a ball with their bodies. Then some of the bees would fly off and others would go down into the holes they had made in the ground.

No one is watching the clock at the ranch so I had plenty of time to stand there and be entertained. Free entertainment! I am so easily entertained! hee hee

I was thankful to leave this encounter without any bee stings!

Y’all come back now! I still got me some stories to tell.
Maybe next time we could share a bottle of Sassafras!

Pam aka Middle Aged Mom out on her own searching for new adventures aka California City Slicker

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