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pigeon sitting on a ledge

It began with a vision board.

pigeon sitting on a ledge
Yes, it began with a vision board.

With a stack of magazines, scissors, a cork board and pins, one weekend during the Spring of 2007, I set off to put together a vision board.

College boy was watching sports on television as he often did during the weekends of his high school years.

College boy asked, “Mom, WHAT are you doing?”

“I am making a vision board,” I replied.

“A vision board?”

“Yes, a vision board. You should make one, too!” I said.

“I am making a vision board with all the things I want to focus on to manifest in my life. You should make one too! You want to be a pilot? Cut out a picture of an airplane and imagine yourself flying that plane. You want to get into Embry Riddle? Cut out the school logo and put that on your board.”

College Boy made his vision board. He got into Embry Riddle and he got his Private Pilot’s license, too! The vision board worked.

My vision board included:

  • A man with a beautiful smile wearing jeans and a denim shirt sitting in a log cabin looking out a window. Looking out across a vast open landscape.
  • A diamond solitaire ring
  • Horses
  • A happy couple walking hand in hand
  • The words: love, happiness, joy, together, laughter, etc.

I was visualizing meeting a wonderful man that was happy and with whom I could sit and cuddle with. A man that would ask me to marry him and we would love each other forever. We would have a life of love, laughter and happiness forever and ever. We would proudly walk hand in hand.

Now for the horses. I am not sure why I had included the horses on my vision board. I just knew at the time that they represented calmness to me. They represented a life away from the craziness of the city. I thought maybe I would like to go visit a dude ranch in Montana.

It was only a few months after I created my vision board that I would meet Mr. Rancher.
It was only a few months after I created my vision board that I would find out that I, too, had manifested the relationship that I had so desired and deserved! Yes, I deserved to be in a relationship.

Mr. Rancher wore jeans and often wore denim shirts embroidered with his brand above the shirt pocket.
Mr. Rancher had owned a cattle ranch in the past and was looking to own another cattle ranch. He was looking for a woman that would like the life of living on a cattle ranch. He was looking for a woman who wanted to be loved and cuddled. He was looking for a woman to live the rest of his life with. I was intrigued.

It didn’t take long before I was wearing that diamond solitaire.

It didn’t take long before Mr. Rancher purchased another cattle ranch. A place where we would call home. A place where we would share our love for one another and live a loving life full of happiness and love…

So I thought…

California City Slicker Participates in Branding at New Mexico Ranch

If you are going to go to a cattle ranch, you might as well make the best of it and do as the cowboys do!
Cowboys use a branding iron to brand and hold down the calf the old fashion way.

That is what I did! There is a few things I can tell you about cowboys:

  • Cowboys have the best manners
  • Cowboys respect their elders
  • Cowboys are handsome
  • Cowboys are hard workers
  • Cowboys will do anything to help out their fellow cowboys
  • Cowboys look good in their cowboy hats
  • Cowboys are not afraid to get down and get dirty
  • Cowboys are stronger then you think!

Cowboys dressed in chaps, spurs and cowboy hat ready to round up cattle at ranch.

The truck and the horse help the cowboy round up cattle
The rancher in the truck honks the horn and the cows follow! Modern Day Cowboy!

The cattle are all brought into the pins. The rancher driving the truck leads the way awhile she honks the horn. The cattle know when they hear the horn that they will soon be served their
special treat of cake.

mama cows are then seperated from the baby calves
Mama Cows are separated from their calves during branding time.

The mama cows are separated from their calves during branding. It is hard enough to hold down a 250-300 pound calf! If the mamas stayed they would be protecting their babies. Throughout the next few hours the mama cows are right outside of the pins crying for their young ones!

Getting the inoculation gun ready.
I will do this to a cow but please don't ask me to do it to a person!
Cowboy gets calf down by himself!
Yes, you did get him down all by yourself! Yes, you did pick the smallest one!

Before we got started with the branding process, this cowboy showed off his muscle! Of course, he did pick the smallest calf from the herd! hee hee Yes, you will do fine in the Army! (He just enlisted!)

The cowboys brand, cut and inoculate.
The cowboys do their thing...awhile I watch and take pictures.

I observe and take pictures awhile the cowboys do their thing before I decide to turn my camera over and get down and dirty with the cows!

Cowboy ropes the calf from his horse
How does he do that?

Cowboy ropes cattle awhile the mama cows watch in the background.
The mama cows in the background are not happy that they are separated from their babies.

rancher dehorns the steer
Mr. Rancher, I wanted my horns!
Rancher puts tag on heifer calf.
All heifer calves are ear tagged with a number. It is kind of like piercing your ears!

The only thing this rancher did was tag the ears of the heifers. I think he was a little surprised when I got in there and did the holding, inoculations, tagging, and branding. So I handed him my camera!!

cowboy ropes cattle on white and brown horse
You are still a good roper! Check out the Mama cows in the background--they are crying out for their baby calves.
I hold down the cattle for branding.
Who is going to clean my boots? YUK!
City slicker uses branding iron on calf.
Let's just say the smoke doesn't smell very good! Glad the wind is blowing away from me!

Cowboys show City Slicker how to hold down the calf.
You want me to what?

You want me to sit on him? With all my weight? Do you know how much I weigh? And you want me to hold its leg back tight and lose to his body at the same time? Really? Ok, I will do my best!

homemade pies
Can rancher women cook?!!!

After all those burned calories, we head back to the Cattle Rancher’s home for a feast! Oh, and what a feast it was! It ended with these home made pies! Yum!

Chow time!

Rhubarb and Apricot homemade pie! I will take a slice of each, please! I earned it!

Thanks for stopping by….
I hope you are enjoying my stories from the ranch through my eyes as a California City Slicker.Pam

Middle aged mom holding down backside of calf during branding

California City Slicker Video Blog | Yes, She Holds, Brands, Inoculates and Tags!

Yes, I did it!

I participated in branding, inoculating and ear tagging the calves!

No, I didn’t just take pictures!

Does she make the bull calf into a steer?

No, I didn’t make any bull calves into steers!

No, I didn’t get pooped on!

Yes, I have to admit I had fun!

Yes, I got dirty.

Yes, I would do it again!

Thanks to the cowboys in the video that were so patient with me! I actually think they were a little surprised when I said I wanted to participate, after all…I am old enough to be their mother! OUCH!

Want to join me next time? They can always use extra hands out there on the cattle ranch in the middle of no where with no Starbucks, no shopping, no nail salons, no girlfriends, ummmmm WHY was I out there??

Giddy up!

Enjoy the ride!

A California City Slicker aka Middle Aged Mom aka Pam

Hey, Y’all come back! I still have more City Slicker stories to tell!

California City Slicker has an Encounter with Bees at the New Mexico Cattle Ranch

orange sunrise through smoke from Arizona fires in New Mexico

Another day at the New Mexico Cattle Ranch.

orange sunrise through smoke from Arizona fires in New Mexico

There was a beautiful sunrise.

orange sunrise through smoke from Arizona fires in New Mexico

These pictures were taken during the same time the big Arizona fire was burning. The smoke had traveled throughout New Mexico and into parts of Colorado.

I put my hiking boots on and went for an exploratory hike.

pink cactus flower ready to open

I noticed the flowers on the cactus plants were just getting ready to bloom.

cactus has pink flower blossoms

By the last day of my trip, they were blooming.

When I was out on my walk, I continually looked down where I was walking looking for rattle snakes. There were no rattle snakes but I discovered this swarm of bees. They were fascinating. They would swarm around; then groups of them would gather together and create a ball with their bodies. Then some of the bees would fly off and others would go down into the holes they had made in the ground.

No one is watching the clock at the ranch so I had plenty of time to stand there and be entertained. Free entertainment! I am so easily entertained! hee hee

I was thankful to leave this encounter without any bee stings!

Y’all come back now! I still got me some stories to tell.
Maybe next time we could share a bottle of Sassafras!

Pam aka Middle Aged Mom out on her own searching for new adventures aka California City Slicker

Mama Cow Plays with the Boys

I recently spent some time at a New Mexico ranch where I took lots and lots of pictures. I plan to share some stories here with you over the next few days including when I branded and rounded up the cattle…I got right in there with the cowboys! Here is a story from my first day…

I spent two hours watching these two bulls play with the one mama cow. Remember, I am a City Slicker so I am easily entertained by ranch life!

The story goes like this….


Bull says, “I like you, want to play?”


Bull says, “Hey, Honey, come on, I want to play!”


Bull says, “Honey, don’t play so hard to get.”


Bull says, “Thanks for playing with me.”


Then the bull cuddles mama cow.


The bull’s buddy comes over and says, “Wait I was going to play with mama cow!”


So the two bulls keep pushing against each other with their heads to see which bull will win playing with Mama cow.


Mama’s calf says, “Mama, that is ok. Let them bulls fight. You’ve got me! We don’t need them big bulls to play with.” (Little does baby calf know that he will soon become a steer and will be taking a ride in the big trailor  away from Mama forever.)


The bulls continued to look at each other eye to eye.


The bulls kept butting heads…


They stopped to check on Mama…


then they continued to butt heads some more.


Horned bull appears to be the winner to play with Mama.


Yep! Confirmed! Horned bull plays with mama as baby bull calf plays near by.


Let’s just play a little more, ok Honey?


Baby bull calf mimics mama’s horned bull friend…


The bulls have another chat about playing with Mama cow.




Mama decides to play ring around the cactus as horned bull follows along.


Mama plays catch me if you can? (Kind of like the Gingerbread man!)


Mama says to baby bull calf, “Those big boys are so immature.”



Let’s play choo choo train.


Hug for Mama.


The kids decide they will hug too!

The end…

The end of the story by a California City Slicker…
A City Slicker that DID NOT grow up on a ranch…
A City Slicker that is in AWE over all that goes on at a ranch…
A City Slicker that is easily entertained…
A city Slicker that better get herself a job…quick…before she joins the ranch life!

Comments, please!

Adios Amigos,


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