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Circa 2010 picnic-dad plays baseball

Cedars-Sinai Heart Transplant Unit Picnic and Baseball | #177

Today was the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heart Transplants annual picnic and baseball game for patients that were fortunate enough to receive a new heart.

My Dad was fortunate to receive a new heart several years ago.

Dad wasn’t sure that he would make it to the event this year because he wasn’t feeling well. Hence, I didn’t go down to be with him this year. He did go today. He didn’t play baseball though; he just wasn’t up to it.

It isn’t his heart that is causing him to not feel well…it is other things that I will write about one day.

Today I am grateful that my Dad was able to attend the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heart Transplants Annual Picnic and Baseball game. The doctors and staff are definitely dedicated to the patients and have a love for their career.

In honor of my Dad, I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from last years event that I was able to attend. Last year, Dad was feeling really good and played some baseball. It was the doctors and staff against the patients. Of course, some how the patients always win.

Pictures are Circa 2010.

Here’s to you, Dad! Love you!

I am grateful for all the dedication, love and hard work that Cedars-Sinai provides their patients and family.
I am grateful because of this dedication, that my Dad is still living here on this earth!

It’s Father’s Day and I Still Have My Dad! | #170

It is Father’s Day!


I still have my Dad!

Those two things make me very grateful!

dad at heart transplant doctor's office

Even though my Dad has to go to the doctors a lot, I am still lucky because he is still alive!

card from my dad

My Dad is very thoughtful and is often sending me cards.

He writes Pamelia
My name is Pamela
All these years and he never knew that he spelled my name wrong.
I never told him.
I am Pamelia to my Dad and that is ok by me!

Hang in there, Dad! We have more Father’s Days to celebrate!

Love you,

365 Day Project: Gratitude Bucket | Day # 170

Dad has the Best Heart Transplant Doctors |#143

dad at heart transplant doctor's office

Dad got a new heart a few years ago.

It is amazing that they are able to give people new hearts!

Yes, amazing!

I am so grateful for the doctor’s at Cedars Sinai Hospital. The transplant team is a wonderful group of intelligent, dedicated, compassionate, and caring doctors, nurses, and staff. It is because of their dedication to the transplant team that my father is still alive today.

Thank you, docs! I am very grateful for you!

365 Day Gratitude Project; Day # 143

Thankful for Dad’s New Heart 1/365

365 Day Project: Feeling my Grateful Bucket 1/365

This morning I watched the 2011 Pasadena Rose Parade as I have done many times. One float hit home hard as I watched and listened to the commentators. The “Donate LIfe Float: Seize the Day

donate life logo

It not only reminded me how precious life is, but it reminded me how grateful I am that back on December 2, 2004 that my Dad was fortunate to receive a new heart.

The night of December 1, 2004 when we all went to bed we were told by the doctors if my Dad didn’t get a heart that night he would be taken off of the donor list. That night was a bitter sweet blessing–My Dad received his new heart. That meant a 21 year old boys life was lost. As we rejoiced and thanked God for our blessings another family was mourning the lost of their son, brother and friend.

I will be forever grateful to God and the family of that 21 year old boy.

Filling my Gratitude bucket–one day at a time!


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