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365 Day Project: Coupons Given in Line 9/365

Today I attended the Sacramento Bridal Show. No, I am not getting married! Yes, Sissy just got married! I attended it because I wanted to see what is going on in the industry. As many of my friends know, I love to put on parties and plan large events. I have been searching for a new career. I believe a career in event and wedding planning is right “up my alley”! What a fun career! More on that later….

Today I am adding to my gratitude bucket.

It was amazing awhile I was standing in line other ladies were offering $2 off coupons to the event. They had found the coupon on line and printed extra copies to hand out to other people in line.

Wow! How nice is that?!!!

365 Day Project: Sacramento Bridal Show-Women Handout Coupons 9/365

Made me smile! Made me really think about how generous these ladies were. Not only did they take the extra time to print out extra coupons, cut the coupons out, they walked up and down the lines awhile their friends held their place in line to ask if anyone wanted a coupon!!! WOW!!!

What a great gesture!

I will remember this and the next time I have a coupon for a store I am going to print extras to give to other customers in line. Sort of….pay it forward!

Thanks ladies, for your kind generous gesture!

Filling my gratitude and smiles bucket one day at a time!

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