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Do You Know the Books of the Bible?

Do you know the order of the books in the Bible?

I have been going to church off and on, mostly on, since I was in Kindergarten but I don’t know the books of the Bible.

As I think about not knowing the books of the Bible, I think that is one thing I probably goofed on with my children. I took them to church. College Boy loved having stories read from his Children’s Bible but we never did anything to memorize the books of the Bible.

The kids memorized all the Presidents, all the cabinet people for the President in office, they knew all the Generals, there were so many other things that we had them memorize.

Why not the books of the Bible?

I think because it was always so intimidating to me….

No, I think when I was young it didn’t matter to me to have them memorized. When I was young it was important for me to memorize the alphabet–backwards, my multiplication tables, phone numbers to all my family and friends, the Lord’s Prayer, and the answers to all my tests.

As a young adult, the church I went to told you what page to turn to in the Bible so that made no need to memorize the books of the Bible. I was saved by the Minister giving the page number.

The other way I was saved by not needing to know the books of the Bible is we had to share Bible’s in church. I was always the nice one to tell the person sitting next to me that they could have the Bible.

I wasn’t really being nice…

I just didn’t want to be caught that I didn’t know the books of the Bible.

I didn’t know if Thessal or Colossians was in the New Testament or the Old Testament.

As the kids got older, I would give them the Bible in church to find the verse. Once again, I was avoiding my inadequacies.

Now when I am in church and they say open your Bibles, they have the verse on the big screen in front to read-along or I use the excuse I can’t see without my glasses!


I have confessed….

Now what am I going to do about it?

I bought these great labels for my Bible!

Saves me the time of flipping trying to find the books and gives me another excuse to not have to remember the Bible verses.

Will I ever take the time to remember the books of the Bible?

Not sure….

My question to you is, “Is it important to have the Books of the Bible memorized?”

“Do you know the books of the Bible?”

“Did you help your children memorize the books of the Bible when they were young?”

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