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Grateful for the Rocky Mountains


I have always wanted to go to the Rocky Mountains especially in the fall! So today when I had a free day in Colorado, I decided to take a drive from Denver to the Rocky Mountains.

Once I turned off highway 25, I blasted my music, turned the heater on and rolled down my window and got my camera ready. I was about to embark on Gods little bit of heaven.


I love driving in the country! I love the old Barns and houses and old cars and the animals.

There is so much to see and take pictures of. Unfortunately I knew I had a limited amount of time so most of the pictures are just memories of a beautiful country.


I will have to go back someday to take pictures of all the old buildings and cars.

I will have to go back someday to have time to stop in the little towns to shop, eat and visit with the locals.

I will have to go back some day to stop to explore the park more… Take a lunch and take time to sit amongst nature.

I will have to go back someday to visit the historic Stanley Hotel with its striking white buildings and red rooftop. I only wish I would have taken the extra ten minutes today to take a picture or two.

And I will have to go back someday to see the Aspens in their beautiful fall colors. Today most of their limbs were bare waiting for the snow to fall.


Day 2 Grateful for a drive to the Rocky’s

Sing it: I’ve Been Working on The Railroad


Check out the beaver distruction up at the top of this picture…

I’ve been working on the railroad.
All the live long day…

Can’t you hear the captain shouting…
Dinah blow your horn…

water stop for Durango-Silverton narrow gauge train

I knew this song.

I knew every verse of this song.

I sang it all the time to College Boy.

It was a long song.

I didn’t have to think when I sang it.

Well…I could be holding college boy in the rocker and sing this song without thinking about the words I was singing and usually by the time the song was over, he was asleep. Was it the song? My voice? Or boredom?

Awhile I sang this song, I could be thinking of other things or other places. Other places like back in the 1900’s…


Dreaming of College Boy in my arms sitting in an Old Queen Ann rocking chair in front of the fireplace in the parlour. My husband, a prominent business man, had set off in the carriage this morning to close yet another deal. Once I laid College Boy down for his nap, I would be joined by my best friends in the parlour for afternoon tea. You see my best friends often would come to visit me from California. They enjoyed the hospitality here at the Stargazer Mansion. I enjoyed their company and friendship.


Back from my dream….

Taking a picture from the train
Here I am taking a picture. Trying to see the engine!

On the 45 mile trip from Durango to Silverton I played a game with myself. How many times can you catch a picture of the engine being that I was in the last car?





Another free entertainment for me, was to watch the smoke come out of the engines stack. I liked to see the different ways the wind would blow it and the different shapes.

When you were little, did you ever watch the clouds in the sky and see what shapes you could make? Same type of entertainment! hee hee

I know, I know! Cheap entertainment! Cheap date!

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train

Toot! Toot! I Love Trains | Durango-Silverton, CO

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train

Toot! Toot! Shhhhhhhsssshhhhhhh! (Is that how you would write out the sound of steam? Hee Hee)

We got to the train station in plenty of time before our 9:15 departure and this time I was happy that we had plenty of time to enjoy the sites and sounds.

What is it about trains? They were intriguing to me when I was a little girl and they continue to be intriguing to me as an empty nest middle aged mom! I love trains! Toot Toot!

Brio trains

That is why College Boy had Brio trains to play with and a train that went around his room…

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train

I love trains!

When I was planning my trip to the New Mexico Ranch, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go back to Durango, Co and ride the silver gauge train from Durango to Silverton. I remembered the last time I had rode that train, the aspen leaves were just beginning to turn their multitude of colors. I remember walking around Silverton and admiring the blue sky and puffy clouds. I remember driving around Durango and embracing the scenery. I remember two months later finding out I was pregnant with Sissy!!!

Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Train

I love trains!

When we arrived in Durango, we stopped at Serious Texas Bar-B-Q for some much needed protein before exploring Durango and the train station.

I love trains!
Train Museum Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Train STation

I had plenty of time to explore the train museum where I could snap some pictures and imagine myself as a lady in the early 1900’s with a beautiful long carisma red dress on with accents of black. My hat was decorated with a black feather. I was the wife a very prominent business man whom loved and adored me. Of course, I loved and adored him, too! We had beautiful children together. He ran the empire. I ran the household including my many charity functions, entertaining other prominent families, and my favorite yearly event.

My favorite yearly event was called The Fabulous Friends Frolic. My adorable husband and I would rent the entire train from Durango to Silverton and invite all of our closes friends to join us for the day. We would have breakfast catered in the morning, enjoy lunch at Grumpy’s in Silverton in the afternoon, and enjoy afternoon tea on the way back.

Oh, wait…


Sorry, I was day dreaming…
Day dreaming of a wonderful man who loves me…
Day dreaming of great friends together…
Day dreaming of happy times together…

There I go again…
Off track…
Ha Ha!¬† Get it…off track?!

I love trains!

Caboose-Durango Railroad Museum

I remember when I was a little girl I loved watching trains go by! I would count how many cars the engine(s) were pulling. The highlight would be if it had a caboose…I would scream, “A caboose. Look! The train has a caboose!” (I know, I know, I am very easy to please.)

Today I still count how many cars the engines are pulling and if there is a caboose I smile really big and yell, “OMG! Look! Look! It has a caboose!”

inside caboose at Durango Railroad Museum

Imagine being the workers whom living Quarters was the caboose….

furnace in caboose at Durango Railroad Museum

Did you know they had a little furnace inside?

sink in caboose at Durango Railroad Museum

And a sink…

I love trains!

Morse Code-Durango Railroad Museum

Morse Code Durango Railroad Museum

Check this out…Morse Code! Cool! Did you know the trains use a type of Morse code with their train whistles? I thought they just tooted their horn for fun! For entertainment!

I love trains!

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train- Alamosa Parlor Car

We rode in the First Class train the Alamosa Parlor Car which happened to be the last car on this train from Durango to Silverton. It happened to be the best car to be in because you could stand out on the back and enjoy the sites as the train pulled you along the narrow gauge rails.

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train-photo op

I love trains!

This was a day I had been looking forward to…

Of course I reminisced about the last time I had been here and the outcome of my visit (Sissy!). No wonder it had such great memories!

Here are some of the pictures along the train ride from Durango to Silverton and back. I hope you enjoy them.

If you ever get an opportunity to take this train ride, and you love trains or hoping to have a Sissy (wink), I would suggest you take the time and pay the money to ride the D & SNG Narrow Gauge Train.

DISCLAIMER: No guarantees about a Sissy but you should be relaxed and in good spirits after a day riding this train through the wilderness. Not responsible for any bad guys whom may hop on board. Beware of movie crews.

Toot Toot! Until we meet again,

Durango-Silverton Train Station Coffee

PS Note to those who need their coffee in the morning: There is a coffee shop at the station or if you prefer Starbucks is walking distance too! Oh, if you happened to be the McDonald’s coffee connoisseur, they are right next door!

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