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Is it Failure or Part of the Journey? His Plan?

On the Road

The last two years I have spent learning.

Not listening. Learning.

I was taking an opportunity put in front of me to educate myself for a new career path.

When I was laid off from my job (what a humbling experience that is), I decided it would be a great time to explore other career opportunities.

I took a medical terminology class for starters. I did well in the class–received an A. I also received some knowledge about what I didn’t want to do with my life. I explored being an Occupational Therapist and an Ultra Sound Technician but I discovered that my stomach wouldn’t be able to take those jobs. I interviewed workers in these fields. The Occupational Therapist told me some patients are not able to control their bodily functions. The Ultra Sound Technician informed me it isn’t just about the pregnant moms, you can be put in the Emergency Room where someone comes in all cut up. Enough said here, I barely could clean up my own kids bodily functions when they were little. No way that I can be around a strangers! Bless you Ultra Sound Technicians and Occupational Therapist. Bless you for being able to do that job!

I then stumbled upon an Internet Marketing Class at University of San Francisco. This sounded interesting. I didn’t know much about the computer then. I did not understand what the whole Internet Marketing business was at the time…but it sounded interesting. I decided to take one class and I was hooked. I could not believe what I was learning. It was very interesting.

One class led to another and before you knew it I had a Master Certificate in Internet Marketing.

A Certificate in Internet Marketing…now what?

I felt like I needed to know more about web design and programming to really be able to do an Internet Marketing job well. I need to know how to blog and write HTML code and CSS.

I decided I would go back and take…more classes! I signed up for a web design and programming program. I loved that program! The classes were self-paced and I completed each course faster than anyone had done before me. Wow! I am on to something! This is going to be great! I received my certificate in web design and programming.

I started building my own websites. Oh, my goodness! Buildiing websites are a lot harder when you don’t have a lesson plan and an instructor to call upon every time you get stuck.

This is really hard…this web design business.

I volunteered to help many companies with their websites/blogs. I added SEO and got many of them within the first page for their keywords.

During this volunteer web design position, I discovered something about myself.

I need people!

I need people to intereact with.

I need people to talk to.

I need people…not a machine.

I don’t like having a relationship with my computer.
I don’t like being alone with my computer.
I don’t want to do web design and programming for a living.

But wait! I have just spent the last two years developing these skills (and confidence) for this new career.

If I quit now, I am a failure. A failure!Cattle Ranch Gal stuck in the mud.
I have never looked at any bump in the road or detour as a failure.

I have looked at all these twist and turns and bumps and detours as part of His plan.

His plan! Not my plan! His plan!

His plan of teaching me lessons in order to help others in the future.

Now I can choose to look at my situation as a failure or I can choose to look at it as part of His plan.

Maybe I needed to go through these classes to learn skills for something bigger and better.

Everything is always bigger and better when you Believe. When you have Faith. When you walk His way.

So as I decide today that I am no longer going to pursue a career in web design and programming, I AM going to pursue a life and career that follows His journey for me. His road. His dream for me. I will be the facilitator. I will let his words flow through me. I will listen. I will trust. I will have faith. Without any of that….I am alone.

Why Won’t That Door Open?

Old Rugged Door
Why won’t that door open?

I have always had faith that when one door closes another one opens.

My life has been full of closed and open doors. My experieince has been that the doors open rather quickly when another one closes.

I tell myself and have trained my kids to believe “When God closes one door, He will open another and it will be bigger and better than the one that closed.” I think we have all heard those words.

I truly believe them.

I am just having some doubts right now.

This is the longest he has ever kept a door closed on me.

Why can’t he just open a door wide open for me. I obviously am not picking the right doors. I have lost my touch. Or is it that I have been so bull headed that I wanted a door to open that just isn’t part of His plan?

I want to trust in Him. No I DO trust in Him. I know that he will open the door for me to my future career and life path…in HIS time!

Have you struggled with doors not opening for you?


Step Back and Listen

Lady, you need to step back and listen to what you are saying.

I was on a plane recently where two co-workers were sitting next to each other in the aisle across from me. the entire 1 1/2 hour flight the woman co-worker complained to the male co-worker about her job, about the people they worked for and about not getting a raise.

She said, “If they aren’t going to give me a raise, I’m not going to stay at this job.”

Hello? Does she have any idea what it is like to look for a job these days? Would she rather have unemployment wages then what she is getting paid now?

Southwest Airlines Plane

She proceeded to talk about wanting to change careers.

Does she have any idea how hard it is to start a new career? Does she not realize that there are lots of unemployed workers out there with experience that an employer would more likely hire?

She says she doesn’t want to start at the bottom and work her way up because they won’t pay her enough and she would get bored.

Hello? Really? She needs a wake up call.

I recently witnessed this rejection personally. I applied for a job with a large company on their internet. I knew my resume wouldn’t get looked at and I would have to get face to face with the hiring manger. I know I am more then capable to do the job that I applied for.

I went to the business establishment and worked my way through the other employees to get a face to face with the hiring manager.

Yippie! Success!

Wait–not so fast!

The manager asked me if I had done this job before for another company. Well, not exactly, I said but I did many of the job requirements as part of my volunteer positions.

She proceeded to tell me that last year she had 19 employees doing less work then they have this year with 14 employees and she would not even consider hiring me unless I could just step into the job without any training.


My point here is employers are trying to do more work with less employees these days to make their numbers.

This gal that thinks she can just walk into an unfamiliar career, needs to have a wake-up call and a swift kick in the pants. She needs to change her attitude about her present job, be thankful that she has a job and put 100% effort into her present job.

Once she reforms her attitude, if she really wants to pursue this new career, she could work on developing the skills needed while still making her present job a priority.


The job market isn’t the same as it used to be 4-5 years ago when companies would take a risk on an employee with potential who wants to come into their business lacking some skills or expertise.

These are just my thoughts…from my peanut gallery!

Your thoughts?

My Bosses Insight For Me

old typewriter (1)

I had a nice conversation with my boss one day in front of the microwave in the employee lunch room.

I always treasure conversations when someone wants to take the time to talk to me; to share their insights; to share advice.

This was not a boss and subordinate conversation. This was a friend to friend conversation.

The conversation went something like this:

“Pam, what do you have planned for your life? You know your son will be off to college soon. You can do anything you want to do. You can be anything. You are a good person. You are a talented person.”

Wow! I like this conversation! It always feels good when people care about you enough to share their thoughts with you!

“Pam, have you ever thought about writing?”

Me? Writing?! Nope, I can’t say I have thought about writing before.

“Pam, the emails you send me have some great creative writing in them and I have seen some of the emails you send to your clients. You might want to think about doing something with writing. Maybe write a book one day.”

Wow! Writing? What would I write about?

I take these words and I file them under possible future plans. Let’s see what the future brings us!

What do you think about my writing? Can you relate with my stories? Do you have any future plans of writing a book? Do you have a blog?


Oh, My! So many questions! I would love and treasure your answers!


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