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It Was Only a Dollar

Starbucks Coffee Cake

When I go visit my parents in Long Beach, I still rise from bed at 5AM but instead of heading for the gym I usually head to Starbucks for some alone time. You see my parents don’t rise and shine until 7, 8, 8:15, 8:30 … whenever! The house was built back in the 1930’s so there is not much insulation hence people can hear you walk, use the restroom, open and close doors and talk throughout the house. Instead of trying to stay quiet I use this as my excuse to head over to Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee Cakes

Last Saturday morning, I walked into my regular on vacation Starbucks.

Do you know that I only go there a few times a month and the Barista remembers my drink! Sorry, got a little off the subject.

Where was I?

I walked into this Starbucks as I quite often do and a lady was standing in line just staring at the bakery items. I was thinking “I know there are lots of bakery items to choose from I bet she is having a hard time deciding what yummy bakery item to pick.” I wasn’t in a hurry so I stood there and waited patiently after all it was early I had no where to go and I had Twitter on my iPhone. I could stand in line a long time with Twitter to entertain me!

OK, I know, I keep getting off the subject.

Starbucks Scones

The lady who was drooling over all the yummy pastries finally ordered. With her limited English she ordered a bagel and a small coffee. The Starbucks partner said it would be $4.90. The lady dug in her purse. She dug some more. She gave four $1 bills to the Starbucks partner. She dug some more and found a penny, then a quarter. I could tell from her actions and her expression on her face that she was feeling very awkward. I thought, I know the feeling when I am not sure I have enough cash for a purchase–the stomach knots!

I reached into my purse and gave the partner a dollar to cover the ladies purchase. The lady looked at me with her gorgeous big brown eyes and her lovely genuine smile and said, “Thank you, thank you, bless you. You are a good person. You will have a good day today.”

I repeated these words in my head, “Bless you. You are a good person. You will have a good day today.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Thank you!” I smiled.

“Thank you. Have a great day!” I replied.

She sat down to enjoy her coffee and bagel. I proceeded to order my coffee and oatmeal. The barista thanked me for helping the lady.


Then I saw at the big square table the beautiful middle aged — do I say middle aged? What exactly is middle age? I don’t want to be called middle aged!

Back to my story….

Is this a sign of middle age when you get off track?
Is it a sign of middle age when you don’t remember what you were talking about?

I am NOT middle aged. Right?!
This is a woman with so many stories in her head. No way is it middle aged! Hee Hee

Yeh, yeh, yeh! Back to my story….

Whenever I come to Long Beach, I quite often frequent this particular Starbucks early in the morning to enjoy my coffee, catch up on my social media friends, and smile because I am back home.

This middle aged woman is here every morning. I was surprised to see her here on a Saturday. I had never spoken to her before but decided that today I would just ask her what it is she does. She has that big square table covered with books, journals, an iPad, and a large attache’ bag that I can only imagine what treasures it holds. I asked her if she was a student. She said no, but she had thought about going back to school to work on her Doctor’s degree. I asked her, “Why she didn’t?” Sorry I didn’t listen well enough to that answer because I don’t remember why she didn’t.

Note to self: Listen when someone speaks to you. Listen and process what they say so you remember!

Note to self: This is not a sign of middle age. This is a sign of disrespect. This is a sign of not being focused. This is a sign of bad communication skills. I repeat. This is not a sign of being middle aged.

Continuing the story….

I then asked her what she does for a living. She said she was a Psycho Therapist. Wow! is this all destiny? Just this morning as I was driving here, I was thinking about the URL I had purchased some time ago Remarkable Women Inspire.

She asked me my story, I had told her about getting laid off, taking the time to reinvent myself through earning my two certificates. I told her how when I woke up this morning I decided it was time. Time to move on to that next chapter of my life. I know I need a job. I want a job. I also know that I think women are just remarkable. It is incredible how women always seem to get through life’s trials and tribulations on top. We always survive. We always make it through. I told her about the URL I had purchased and how I had been thinking about writing stories and getting people to write stories about Remarkable Ordinary Women.

She was so excited and asked me to repeat the URL so she could write it down. She was ready to go to my site and read these stories…but none of the stories are written yet. It hasn’t been the time yet! Universe….(my God)…are you telling me something? Is this the time?

I thanked the beautiful middle aged lady with shiny black hair for sharing her story. I told her I would love to write her story and asked if I could be in touch with her. She gave me her card it read Debra Brittain, LCSW with the words Life is About Creating Yourself;.

“Life is About Creating Yourself”

“Pam, it is time. It is time to create this next chapter in your life!” the voice inside me said.

Oh, the lady that I gave the dollar to…when she went to leave, she came over to me with her big beautiful smile and glowing eyes and looked deep into my eyes and said, “Remarkable things are going to happen for you.” She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She said thank you one more time and walked away.

“Remarkable things will happen to me….”

Thank you. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, My God. I am ready. I am ready for remarkable things to happen to me. I am ready.

All this because of a dollar.

May remarkable things happen to you!

With love,


Put HIM First and Foremost…

ocean with two birds walking on the sand...

You will lose nothing of value by putting HIM first and formost in your life…

Luke 9:23-24 If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will save it.

For those who lose their life for MY sake will save it…
For those who lose their life for MY sake will save it…

Forget about your ways and put HIM first….

Live the life HE wants you to live…
You will then live in abundance.

How do you do this in a household where your partner does not live the word?

To live in HIS word…
…is to always think of the positive
…of the other person
…of what you can do for others
…of being truthful and trustworthy.

If you live in a household of–negative, criticism, judgment…

How do you mix the two?
I don’t think they mix!

So what are the options…
To bury who you really are (a child of Christ, positive, loving, not judging, wanting to help others)…
To continue to try to ignore the negtive, critical, judgmental comments…

BUT if you bury who you are
…as many have done
…you lose who you are.

You lose who you really are…

I lose who I am…

You lose who you are…

You can’t wear a smile…
Rather it is hard to wear a smile….
A genuine smile…

“To follow Christ, you must follow daily.”

How do you do it daily when others around you are not?

Others very close to you are not…

How do you break away?

Is it possible to follow HIM with your whole heart and life completely, when in a relationship where the two don’t walk the same path?

Have you ever struggled in a relationship where you both don’t have the same beliefs? Do you think it is possible to have an intimate relationship with someone who doesn’t carry God in their heart when you do?
Thanks for stopping by as I continue discovering the meaning of having Faith in my life! I hope you will find it in your heart to comment if you feel the words are there…

Songs Can Touch Me

There are songs that can touch you every time you hear them. They can touch your deep emotions.

This is the air I breathe
This is the air I breathe
Your Holy presence
Living in me.
–Breathe by Michael W. Smith

I have songs that touch me so deeply that they bring tears to my eyes every time I hear them.

This is one of those songs for me.

And I, I’m desperate for You
And I, I’m lost without You

Every time I hear that verse, it gets me!

It touches my heart and emotions! It makes me want to fall down to my knees, raise my hands up and look up towards the heaven.

It comforts me. It comforts me knowing that he is always there for me. All I need to do is turn to him and say “God, here I am!”

Many times when I hear this song, I am so choked up during some of the phrases that I can only try to smile, listen and reflect on how lucky I am to live by Faith and to have God in my life.

I am lucky…
No, I am blessed to live with God in my heart.

I am totally lost without Him.

Recently I have been testing my faith…
I know we aren’t suppose to test our faith…

Life changes, being an empty nester, not having direction, being middle aged, looking for a job/career, not having a church home, Dad’s struggles with illness…all these things have made me a little lost. No, it has made me very lost!

There have been times when I pray over and over and over again “Hello, God, HELLLLLOOOOO??? Are you there?”

“Hey, God, it seems like you are forgetting about me…”

“It is lonely down here without you.”

“Life isn’t the same here, without you.”

“God, What is going on? What is your plan?”

“I NEED you, God…”
“I WANT you, God…”
“I can’t live without you in my life!”
I pray that, but deep in my heart, I know He is there. I know that He is just waiting for me to have total faith in Him for Him to guide me. Or He is trying to teach me a lesson at which I am not being a good student?

During these times, I know because of my Faith that HE IS working wonders….

His every word IS being spoken to me. (The question is am I being quiet enough so I can listen!)

I will always be lost without HIM!

I don’t want to live my life without HIM!

I will continue to grow through my Faith.
I will continue to believe…
I will continue to work on being a good student of God.

I know he has a plan for me…
I know he has a plan for you….

I know I will look back to this time and think “Wow! Wow, God, you did remarkable things through me. Thanks, God, for teaching me so much. Thank you God for giving me all that I have today. Thank you for that door that you opened. I see now why you waited so long to open that door. Thank you, God. Yes, I will always be lost without you.”

What song touches you deeply? Is it a song from your childhood, your wedding, from high school days, or church?