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Low Blood Pressure 70/365 Day Gratitude Project

Good news is I have low blood pleasure.
Bad news is because I have a low heart rate I don’t burn many calories.
I burn around 55 calories an hour awhile sleeping.
I burn around 66 calories an hour when sitting at my desk on the computer.

Good news I am able to excercise…I am grateful for that!
Bad news is it takes a lot of excercise to burn calories.
Today I ran 3 miles (ok, I jogged) and only burned 254 calories.
254 calories equals two Girl Scout cookies! Tell me, how do you eat just two Girlscout cookies?

Ok…back on topic….
This is the 70th day of 2011.
The 70th day of my 365 Gratitude Project

What I am saying here is I am grateful for my low blood pressure even if it means I have to work harder to burn calories!

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