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Do not waste another day doing something that is not working out

Do Not Waste Another Day

Do not waste another day doing something that is not working out

Look for the Blessings in everyone

Everyone is put into our path for a reason. It is up to us to look for the blessings in everyone and everything that comes in front of us.

How many times have you gone to a coffee shop, restaurant, gym, or store and stayed focus on what you were there to achieve and not connect with anyone? I think we all get on our own agenda and sometimes even may forget that the person serving us is a person too. I know I do sometimes.

I am currently at a fork in the road on this journey we call life.

A fork in the road…

Which way do I turn?

Do I stay or do I go?

Do I close doors without another door opened?

Act by faith?

Do I walk in faith? Take a chance. Live for today. Knowing that ultimately I will be OK because the wonderful thing about my life is God has the upper hand. God is looking out for me. God is holding my right hand (and sometimes carrying me) through all I do. Knowing this, is there really any chances in life or is it all predestined. All part of His plan. His almighty detailed plan.

Is it that he has every person I encounter and every situation I experience planned out right down to the words that will be exchanged?

If I really believe in a higher power that I call God, then I must look at everything that is in front of me all part of His meticulous plan.

How exciting is that!

Knowing that God wants the best for His children.

Knowing that God is in control.

Knowing that he wants us to live a life of abundance.



Yes, knowing that all I have to do is Trust. Trust and “Act on Faith.”

So, if he really puts people in front of us with the words he has planned for us, how do I interpret these words that the Barista, Maria, at the small coffee shop in Suisun City shared with me this morning.

“Do not waste another day doing something that is not working out.”

I am always venturing out when in a new city to find the local run coffee shop or eatery. That is how I stumbled upon Chocolatte Cafe this morning. I walked into this little coffee shop and was greeted with a big smile by a young twenty something lady, Maria. Not one other sole was in this coffee shop at the time.

Moms always have advice to share.

Being a mother and thinking to myself, it must be lonely in this little coffee shop with no customers, I strike up a conversation. Being the motherly type, I thought, maybe I could share a word or two of wisdom to this young lady. (I tend to do this with young ones and they are usually so polite and listen to my wisdom — not that they really listen and process my words — but they listen probably more out of respect since I am a grandma type).

So when I walked out of this coffee shop processing our little talk all I could think of was “Wow! This gal is wise for her age!” Then I thought, “hmmm What were those words she just shared with me?”

“Do not waste another day doing something that is not working out.”

Those words….

Were they her words?


Did those words come from…

Did they come from…. God?

Did God just plant those words into Maria to say to me?

Don't waste any more time

Actually, I started processing those words awhile I was still chatting with Maria. I even had grabbed a napkin and wrote down a variation of her words.

“Don’t waste any more time.”

Could this be answers to my prayers? I recently changed my prayer request from:

“God, please open the new door(s) for me. Please open it wide so I will know which one to go into.”

to the following:

“Dear God, I know I need to move forward and you obviously (because I need everything to be obvious!) have not opened a new door for me, so how about if we start shutting doors? At least, God, I will know if the door is shut that this isn’t the direction.”

So could it be that God just answered my prayers through the sweet young wise Barista, Maria?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box…
I would love to hear from you! Even a “Yep, he is talking to you!” would be great!

Thanks for reading…I love you all!


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