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Pam McCoy, Realtor (r) in tractor at Ricky Ranch in Granite Bay

Ricky Ranch and Pumpkin Patch in Granite Bay | Day 314 of Gratitude

Today I enjoyed my morning at Ricky’s Ranch and pumpkin patch. Everyone was so nice there! I enjoyed taking pictures of the tractors, animals, and pumpkins. I ended the day with a pulled pork sandwich by Bootlegger BBQ along with a stuffed jalapeno wrapped in bacon and then smoked on the smoker…THAT is what I call awesome!

Today is a great day.

I am grateful this 314 day of my 365 Gratitude Project!

Happy Harvest!



Lunch with a Twitter Friend | Day # 299


I meant Barbara Lopez through Twitter. We would have little conversations together via Twitter. I would retweet on of her post, she would comment on one of mine. I found if I had a question, Barbara was one of my friends that would answer my question. I decided I wanted to take this relationship from a virtual relationship to one in person.

Barbara and I decided to meet for lunch at EL PUERTO (a hole in the wall Mexican Restaurant) in Rancho Cordova.

I was excited to meet Barbara! We wind up having such a great visit! Two hours later we were saying good-bye but planning our next meeting.

Who said Twitter was a waste of time? I would have never meant Barbara aka @brightfarm if it hadn’t been for Twitter.

I am grateful for my new friend, Barbara!

Day #299 of 365 Day Project

FYI Barbara talks about networking and reaching out to others. She offers classes on developing your Elevator Speech.

Pam on top of Fresno Dome near Calvin Crest

Climb up to Fresno Dome | Day # 246

Pam on top of Fresno Dome near Calvin Crest

Church camp is awesome. I am meeting a lot of new friends along with having time with myself and God.

This morning a sizeable group from camp meant in the parking lot at 5am to hike to the top of Fresno Dome. Our plans were to be at the top of the dome at sunrise. Unfortunately the sun decided to come out a little earlier then we had planned. We still enjoyed our hike to the top where I had this picture taken.

Day # 245 of 365 Day Gratitude Project

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