Daddy’s Favorite — Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge

peanut butter fudge (30)
(Note to self: Green papers and dish do not do justice for the candy in photo!)

peanut butter fudge (1)
Grandma believed in using real butter not margarine and Laura Scudder’s Old Fashion Peanut Butter not those peanut butters filled with sugars and other ingredients.

peanut butter fudge (2)
Have the peanut butter, butter and vanilla measured out prior to cooking. Once you get to the soft-ball stage you will want to work quickly to add these ingredients to the pot and begin whipping!

peanut butter fudge (6)
Begin cooking on medium heat the sugar, milk and salt mixture.

Grandma Gertrude taught me how to make Peanut Butter Fudge when I was in 4th grade. She never used a thermometer instead taught me how to use the cold water test method.

peanut butter fudge (7)
Have your cold water ready for testing. Here you can see the sugar quickly dissolved since my mixture had just come to a slight boil.

Cold Water Test Method:
Have a small glass of cold water ready.
Take a metal tablespoon and stir pot.
Let most of the sugar mixture drian off of the spoon.
Drop a few droplets into the cold water.
If you can make a soft ball with the mixture with your fingers, then it is ready.

peanut butter fudge (8)

Watch how the sugar mixture drops off of the spoon.
peanut butter fudge (9)

The droplets will get thicker and drop off slower as you get close to the soft-ball stage.
peanut butter fudge (14)

Also, watch what the sugar mixture looks like in the pot. It will begin to get a slight golden color to it.  BUT beware, too golden will be at the hard-ball stage. You don’t want hard candy!
peanut butter fudge (16)

Grandma was an expert at this cold water test method. I on the other hand have wasted many batches of fudge in my days because it didn’t get cooked enough. As I have matured and become wiser, I now use both a candy thermometer and the Cold Water Test Method.

peanut butter fudge (17)
peanut butter fudge (19)

Yep this sugar mixture looks like it is getting really close! See the color?
peanut butter fudge (20)
peanut butter fudge (21)

See the way the sugar mixture drops off in a big droplet?  Time to test in water to see if you can make a small ball from the sugar.

Take the mixture off of the burner. Add the Laura Scudder’s Old Fashion Peanut Butter, butter and vanilla.
peanut butter fudge (22)

This is your work out for the day! The proof is in the pudding or uhm fudge in this case on how strong those biceps are!

You will need to whip, and whip, and whip, and whip.

Whip until the mixture is no longer shiney.

Whip until you can whip any longer then push yourself to whip a little longer!

Whip it, baby, whip it! Whip it good!

Think about that trainer standing next to you. “Give me another ten!”, he says!

Whip it, baby, whip it!

peanut butter fudge (23)

See the fudge mixture is starting to break away from the side of the pan and it isn’t quite so shiney?

That means you are just about done to pour it into the pan. 
peanut butter fudge (25)

A gold tupperwear?! Wow! What era is THAT from? Please don’t ask! I am a middle aged mom in 2011. If you must, you can figure it out when gold was popular and put two and two together. Now if you are going to go through that trouble please consider that I got married very, very young!  Enough said about that…back to Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge…
peanut butter fudge (27)

This is the best part…in my humble opinion…licking the spoon and scraping the pot!
peanut butter fudge (30)

Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe
2 Cups sugar
1 Cup milk
Dash salt
4 Tablespoons Laura Scudder’s Old Fashion peanut butter
2 tablespoons butter
Dash vanilla extract

In saucepan mix sugar, milk and salt.
Stir well.
Cook at low temperature (stir occasionally)
Let mixture come to a soft-ball stage.

Remove from heat.
Add peanut butter, butter and vanilla.
Whip vigorously until mixture gets heavy.
Pour into a lightly greased pan.
Let set until cool and stiff.
Cut up into pieces. Send some to my Daddy! Enjoy!

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