Little word, but represents so much.

365 Day Project: Filling my Gratitude Bucket 1/365

Dad: Caregiver

Dad: Head of household

Dad: Problem solver

Dad: Available when needed

Dad: Friend to all (and I mean ALL!)

Dad: Achiever

Dad: Fighter

Dad: Loyal employee

Dad: Hard working employee

Dad: Doesn’t hold a grudge

Dad: Honest

Dad: Survivor

Dad: Means Well

Dad: Dedicated to family

Dad: Dedicated-No matter what to family!

Dad: Positive–Not half full but running over type of guy

Dad: Silly

Dad: Fun

Dad: Outgoing

Dad: Will try anything

Dad: Strict

Dad: Don’t mess with

Dad: Loving Heart

Dad: Affectionate

Dad: Searching for love

Dad: Seeing the good in others

Dad: No matter what, seeing the good in others

Dad: Strong

Dad: Don’t mess with his family or….

Dad: Loves my peanut butter fudge

Dad: Disciplines because he has to not because he wants to

Dad: Would do anything for anyone

Dad: Still naive after all these years

Dad: He knows me. I mean he really, really knows me

Dad: Trust worthy

Dad: Listener

Dad: Non-judging

Those are just some of the things I think of when I think of my Dad.

Dad has battled many illnesses through out his life. He has battled those illnesses with a very strong faith in God. He recognizes and is jubilant over his blessings.

One of the things my Dad has been saying for years is “I want my story to be told.”

I need to tell his story.

I am going to use this blog setting to tell his story.

I don’t know when I will tell Dad that I have started this project. He knows I am making notes to someday tell his story. I might tell him tomorrow. I might tell him next week. I will know when the time will be right to tell him.

To give you a quick run-down on the many battles Dad has faced:

  • He is a twin and was born premature
  • He spent a year in bed as a very sick child
  • He tried very hard to stay in the service in spite of health issues.
  • He broke his back
  • He accidently stabbed himself (he was a meat cutter).
  • He dealt with an aching heart from a lost son.
  • He dealt with skin cancer.
  • He received a new heart.
  • He dealt with lung cancer.
  • And now…

    Once again…

    Dad fights another battle…

    Next week he will be going in for Prostate Cancer surgery. The doctors say prostate cancer is an easy battle. Let’s hope they are right. This cancer has grown considerably in the last month. That’s not good. What is good–they caught it! What is good-it can be removed! That–THAT is what we shall focus on for the next few weeks.

    Dad. Dad he is a survivor.

    We tease Dad he has nine lives.

    I refuse to count how many of those nine lives he has used.

    If you choose to read my stories, I hope you will comment if you were able to relate to the story or with any thoughts that came to your mind. I know Dad will enjoy reading those comments (when I tell him about this blog.)

    If you are dealing with your own health issues, I hope you will get inspiration from Dad’s love of God and determination to be a survivor.

    Here’s to Dad! My Mr. Belvedere.

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    12 thoughts on “Dad”

    1. He is one of the most loveable and easy to like people ,ever!Someone I have always admired and aspired to try to be as good a person as him.I’ll fall short no matter how long and hard I work at it.
      Love Ronnie

      1. Thanks, Ronnie! Those are very kind words. He is a very loving man. I am glad you look at him as someone to look up to.
        We all need good role models.

    2. Pam, you are such a great daughter. But I’m sure your Dad knows and appreciates that. He’s very blessed to have you in his corner, and you’re very lucky to still have him when so many people “our age” (we won’t give details will we 😀 ) don’t have our parents anymore. Hopefully, those “Nine Lives” genes have passed on down to you too! My Mom lived to a very ripe old age and I’m hoping I also got those genes……….

      1. Tina, you were very blessed to have your Mom around for so long! I do not look forward to “that” day when my dad isn’t here anymore. Can’t think about it! I just hope I get his story out for him to read before that day comes. Thank you for your words!

    3. Wow! He is a great guy! So glad that you are close and he has a wonderful daughter like you! I pray that this is a very easy battle and he heals very fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. My Dad says he has a special relationship with God. Thanks for the prayers….we all know that prayer has power. Also need to pray for no complications during surgery–this is always a concern when in that region. Thanks, Gail!

    4. Pam,
      You are soooo blessed to have such a Dad! I didn’t have a father, but was blessed to have a grandfather who loved me.
      Telling his story might inspire other fathers to be better parents.
      Go for it!

      1. Mae,
        I am glad you had a grandfather who loved you. My grandparents were very special people in my life whom I felt closer to then my parents when I was a young child.

        I also hope telling my Dad’s story will give people who are struggling with a major illness hope. Believe me, my Dad wasn’t perfect but he always had a kind heart!
        I appreciate your comments, thanks!

    5. Pam,

      You are a very caring and loving daughter and I know your daddy is very proud of you. I will have him in my prayers this week. I know he is a fighter and he will beat this too! I can’t wait to read about his story!

      1. Cathy, You had the sweetest Italian Daddy! I miss his smile and the ways his eyes sparkled. I am sure you miss him, too! I am so glad I got to know him! xoxo

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