I am Tired of You, Ten Pounds!


I am tired of you, Ten Pounds!


I lose you.

You find me.

I lose you.

You find me.

Can we please quit playing this game?!

You are not going to win.

I refuse to let you stay.

Just please go away.

I am sorry, but I don’t need you.

Please just go find someone that really needs you.

There are people in this world that would love to have you, Ten Pounds.

When you are around, it takes me twice as long to get dressed in the morning.

Nothing seems to fit right.

I don’t feel good in most of my clothes when you are around.

I work so hard to keep you away.

I do as the doctors say…


Eat right.

(Ok, I still get my trusty ole’ Starbucks most mornings.)

Come on…

It is time…

We have been playing this game for way to long!!!

Good bye, Ten Pounds.

It is official…

Our time together is FINISHED.



What more can I say to you, Ten Pounds?

You are one of those toxic friends…

Those friends that hang around but reek havoc on your life.

They make you feel stressed when you are around them…

You know the ones?

For the very last time…

I don’t want to keep going through this with you…

We are DONE! Finished! Our relationship is over! Go away and do not come back!

Get it?!



Arriva Delcie!

So Long!

Good bye!

(Let’s hope this saga doesn’t continue!)

What is a girl to do?

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