Who Has More Fun?

The cashier at the store asked me, “So who has more fun?”

What? What do you mean who has more fun?

“Who has more fun? Blondes or brunettes?” she proceded to ask again.

What? Why are you asking me that?

“Well you are a blonde now but according to your license, you were a brunette!”

Me as a brunette




I haven’t thought about it.

I haven’t been a blonde that long….

Time has passed and I have pondered that question.

I do have more fun now.

Is it that I have more fun because I am a blonde or is it that I have passed that age where now I am free to say (at least in my mind) what I want to say and do what I want to do.

I am no longer afraid that I will make a fool of myself. I just don’t care. I just want to be me!

Is that because of the new hair color? Or is it because of the new milestone age that I turned?

Point to ponder…

Ok, I am done pondering…

I am just going to have fun! Don’t matter if the color is brunette, blonde, gray…


Hold on…

Changed my mind….
(Girls right to change her mind!)

Yep, blondes do have more fun! Ask my girlfriends–most of them are blonde!

Us blonde girls, we know how to have fun! Isn’t that right…Julie? Cathy? Rhonda? Debbie? Cheryl? Jerri? Kellie? Judy? Terry?

Girls just want to have fun!

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4 thoughts on “Who Has More Fun?”

    1. My Dear Nicole,
      You have more fun no matter if your hair is purple, gray, brunette, blonde, black or have no hair at all! You are such a lovely fun person! You could write a book about how to have fun! I love your energy and I love you!

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