Old West Cinnamon Rolls: Pismo Beach


Old West Cinnamon Rolls and Espresso is located in Pismo Beach, Ca. I would highly recommend you stopping here if you are driving through Pismo Beach.


They have a variety of cinnamon rolls in the pastry window. Don’t they look good? Yum! After you order your cinnamon roll, they douse it with cream cheese frosting and then warm it up! To die for!


So many delicious cinnamon rolls…

so many calories…

 so very tempting…

so not on my diet…

so calling my name…


They have a variety of coffee and tea but that is NOT why you want to stop…

You want to stop for the yummy….


Cinnamon rolls! Hot and yummy cinnmon rolls!


You like them? Great! You can buy a package of mix to take home!

I have stopped at Old West several times when traveling down Highway 1. After you get your cinnamon roll and coffee, take a stroll down to the beach. This is where you will find one of my favorite places!

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