Frogs Make Me Smile 3/365

3/365 Frogs Fill My Smiles Bucket

Anytime I see a frog, I think about Prince Charming.

When I think of Prince Charming, I think about love, dreams, fairytails, and Disneyland!

I believe in love and dreams. I believe all your dreams WILL come true! I believe everygirl WILL find her Prince Charming!

I also love these little toys! My Father-In-Law use to have a basket full of them on his coffee table. We had so much fun with these little toys. We would try to get all 20 or 30 of them going at the same time!


Memories make me smile!

Filling my Smiles Bucket one day at a time!


Thankful for Church Pews & Stained Glass Windows 2/365

2/365 Presbyterian Church Pews--Filling My Gratitude Bucket

I know–it is a crazy thing to be thankful for! I can’t help it! I grew up going to church with pews and stained glass windows. I am a traditionalist. I get great pleasure out of attending a church with pews and stained glass windows….especially at a Presbyterian Church. I feel closer to God. What can I say.

I have always felt this way. I tried to go to the more contemporary churches where all my friends go with the rows of chairs and the bleachers. I have! I just don’t feel “home” there. There is nothing wrong with these churches–they are great. It is like Pastor Ray Johnson from Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA says at the beginning of every service and I will paraphrase “…this type of service isn’t for everyone.” Some people just need their pews and windows!

Something else I am grateful for is the church organ, the choir, and the church bell choir!

Ok…awhile we are on the “church thing” I am always thankful when the Presbyterian Minister wears his robe! I like that! Reminds me when I was growing up and I was in the church choir in my white robe–I always felt like an ANGEL!

Filling my gratitude bucket one day at a time!

Thankful for Dad’s New Heart 1/365

365 Day Project: Feeling my Grateful Bucket 1/365

This morning I watched the 2011 Pasadena Rose Parade as I have done many times. One float hit home hard as I watched and listened to the commentators. The “Donate LIfe Float: Seize the Day

donate life logo

It not only reminded me how precious life is, but it reminded me how grateful I am that back on December 2, 2004 that my Dad was fortunate to receive a new heart.

The night of December 1, 2004 when we all went to bed we were told by the doctors if my Dad didn’t get a heart that night he would be taken off of the donor list. That night was a bitter sweet blessing–My Dad received his new heart. That meant a 21 year old boys life was lost. As we rejoiced and thanked God for our blessings another family was mourning the lost of their son, brother and friend.

I will be forever grateful to God and the family of that 21 year old boy.

Filling my Gratitude bucket–one day at a time!


365-Day-Project: Filling My Gratitude and Smiles Bucket One Day at at Time

2011 is Going to be Heaven
I recently was speaking to my daughter’s boss at her wedding. He made a comment to me that has been stuck in my head since that conversation. “2011 is going to be Heaven!”

I like that “2011 is going to be Heaven!

I wrote that in all my Christmas cards.

I have made that statement in my emails to my friends.

I have decided that will be my personal motivator for 2011.

Of course, I know it can’t just be Heaven on its own.

I will need to contribute to that theory. And here is where my new category comes in for this blog “365-Day-Project”. To allow 2011 be heaven I will need to focus on the positive everyday. It will be important to have a smile on my face and have a heart of gratitude. Hence my “Gratitude Bucket” and my “Smile Bucket” categories! It will also be important to appreciate the little things–hence “A Moment in Time” category.

Every day in 2011 I plan to add a thought, a picture, a quote, or a story in one of my 365-Day-Project categories.

I am doing this for me but I hope that others will also discover this blog and enjoy my post and hopefully benefit from my positive 2011 focus.

And now….as I get ready to ring in the New Year…I welcome 2011 with an open grateful heart, a smile on, and I will take several moments to visualize all that 2011 will be to make it “Heaven”!

2011 Will be Heaven!

Here’s to us!


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