What is My Purpose in Life Now That the Kids are Gone?

Mom and College Boy in front of u-haul van and truck

What is my purpose in life?

I think that is what I should be asking myself.

My purpose in life over the last 28 years was to raise my children.

I took that purpose in life and fulfilled it completely.

I gave it my heart and my soul.

I thought about that purpose every minute of the day over the last 28 years.

I thought about how I was going to handle every situation with my kids.

Ninety-eight percent of the time when there was something that needed to be confronted with my kids, I thought about how I was going to react so I was fulfiling my purpose of making the best out of every situation and conflict.

I thought about what my children’s days, weeks, months and years were going to entail including friends and family time, school, clubs, sports, music lessons, and volunteering.

We all know it takes planning to have our kids involved in activities.

It was my purpose in life to help my kids be good stewards
–with their money
–with their time (not wasting it on TV or video games)
–with their relationship with God.

It was my purpose in life to help them learn how to get along with each other, the family and other people.

It was my purpose in life to help them to recognize their strengths, work on their weaknesses and to know what things just weren’t their thing!

It was my purpose in life to teach them to have class and manners. I began at a very young age to teach Sissy how to be a lady and College Boy how to be a gentleman.

It was my purpose in life to give my children the love of reading. We spent hours and hours sitting reading. I made books that they would be interested in reading always available to them.

It was my purpose in life to teach my children to be humble and kind, to think about the other person and when in doubt to ask themselves, “What would Jesus say or do?”

It was my purpose to teach them how to dress for different events and to have good hygiene.

It was my purpose to teach them the importance of family and to stay in touch with their grandparents. To understand that we don’t know how long we have on this earth.

The list goes on and on….

I absolutely positively loved every minute that I spent fulfilling this purpose in life.

And now as College Boy graduates from college and Sissy enjoys her new life with her New Hubby, it is time for me to redefine my purpose with my children.

My purpose in life for them won’t take my every waking thought and my daily efforts to make sure they are headed on the right road.

My children will now discover for themselves what their purpose is.

Now what do I do???

I need a purpose in life.

I liked focusing on my kids.

I liked giving them the best of me.

I am a little…no, a lot lost now.

Sissy and College Boy

My kids tell me, “Mom you are such a good person. You are a strong woman. You can do anything. You can live any where. You can go and be whatever you want.”

They tell me to embrace this time in my life.

They just don’t understand…No, they do….

They understand how important they are to me.

They understand and appreciate that I made them my purpose in life.

They know that they are who they are today because I made them my purpose in life.

Now….I go on.
I go on struggling.
Struggling big time because now I need to find a new purpose in life and it isn’t easy!!

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6 thoughts on “What is My Purpose in Life Now That the Kids are Gone?”

  1. It took me a while to move through the “Now what?” phase that followed the downsizing of my career as Mom. From what I read here, you have terrific children {happily launched into adulthood—well done, mom!} and a positive and strong base from which to launch! Such inspiring posts here, it is evident that you are moving in a direction! Enjoy the sites along the way … Because it is about the journey more than it is about the destination. ♥

    1. So nice that you can relate to my empty nest syndrome. I wish someone would have warned me that it would take time to get through the “Now what?” phase! LOL Thank you very much for your kind words and your inspiration!

  2. I totally agree -I feel lost. Me and my husband raised 2 great boys and now they both live out of state with great jobs. It has been a hard adjustment for both of us. They were our everything. I wish I could go back to when they were little when we had less money but lots of love and ball games. It’s a new chapter in our lives and sometimes I just don’t know where to go from here.

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