Grown-Up Mom(me)

Ok. It is almost official. I will have the title “Grown-Up Mom”.

You asked why is it almost? I don’t believe it is official until all the kids are graduated from college.

College Boy is really, really close. He will probably graduate in May.


My handsome College Boy.


That is why I am almost a “Grown-Up Mom”.

Grown up Mom!

Yep! That’s me!

Now what?


NOW what?

I have it figured out now—the “mom thing”!

Can we roll back the tapes and start over? There are a few things I would like to change along the way.

kellie little girl with hat

Isn’t she cute?! My baby girl!

Now what?

Wait to be a grandparent?

Now what?

Travel the world?

Now what?

Start a new career? Go back to school? Loose that Ten Pounds? (There is that Ten Pounds again!)

Now what?


Enjoy more girlfriend time and really treasure the friendships.

Now what?

Give back. Teach Sunday School classes to pay back all the hours my kids were enriched in Sunday School awhile I enjoyed my peaceful time sitting in the pews at church.

Now what?

Take up a new hobby. Write a blog?!!

Now what?

They say the sky is the limit. They say this can be the best years of my life. They say you have done your job raising your kids. Who in the heck is THEY SAY?!



I say being a Mom is the best feeling; the feeling of being needed; the feeling of being wanted; the feeling of knowing that the outcome of the day with the family all depends on MOM!

I say being a Mom has been the best years of my life!

I say I am not sure I am going to embrace the title “Grown-Up Mom” easily. It is going to take some adjusting. For now, I am going to do all the kicking and screaming. I am going to hold on to that Mom title as long as I can.

Reality is that kicking and screaming won’t get me anywhere….

So I move on in life….



Looking for the next door(s)…

Embracing life…

Thankful for all the years I got to wear the Mom title.

Moving on to the next chapter titled “Grown-Up Mom”.

I will do my best to embrace it! I will! (Pout! Pout!)

My Best,

Loving Mom(me)

I want my MOM title back! Sissy get the stack of books! College Boy get the boxes of Brio trains….

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9 thoughts on “Grown-Up Mom(me)”

  1. You will “always’ be a Mom and you will always be needed. What would we have done without our Moms when we were raising our kids? They will still need us. Our advice to them will be invaluable. Our special role will be “Grand”mother. And how much fun it will be! So much joy for us; joy in watching our kids be parents, joy in having little ones around again, joy in growing with them just as we did with our kids. It’s not over, this Mom thing…….

  2. Hi Pam,
    Once a Mom, always a Mom! I don’t think the title changes, just the elements of motherhood. You just helped your adult daughter plan her wedding. What would she have done without you?
    Your son will graduate from college and he is entering this adult world with many more challenges. He will need your advice in his job search and finding a place to live.
    As our children get older they need us in a different way. They need a Mom to lean on when they are faced with issues at work or home. They may need to work out issues with a significant other.
    You’ll be called upon to help with grandchildren often. When a grandchild gets sick and your son or daughter has to go to work, you’ll get the call “Mom….”.
    Now, think of this! You’re the “grown up Mom” and feeling needy, your kids will come to your rescue to console and comfort you. I know they have always been there for you. Their life experiences will make them only more understanding.
    Having grown up children is fun and helpful. You can go out for a drink or even go to a club. They make you feel young again!
    So as you move on to the next chapter of your life, you are still the same Mom. We all loved our children at home and tucking them in bed every night. You will still be molding them for their future. Our children look up to us and as long as we share the same space on this earth, children need their parents. Remember how you still need your parents and they give you that extra reassurance.

    1. Terry, I think it is the elements of motherhood that change that makes this new transition of motherhood so hard! I miss tucking them in bed and especially the many hours of story time that we had in our household. I know I will eventually embrace this new element of motherhood. Thanks for all your kind words.

  3. I agree with Deb and Terry – we will always be moms! It is a hard (but happy) thing to send your child off into the arms and life of someone else. I have worked on preparing myself for that and to be able to lovingly “give” my son to the woman who will be his future. He has grown into such a confident, strong, smart, man (I can hardly say “young man” any more!). (So has his younger brother, but just speaking in terms of the married son…) Believe me, I have talked my way through this more than once. He is now her husband; she is now his wife, his highest priority in this new stage of his life. She is his number one, and I have to step back and let that happen. However, with all of that being true, I will always, ALWAYS be his mother – his mom, and the ONLY one he has! And as I like to tease him about…his original Valentine. 🙂 No matter how old your children get, you will always be their mom. No one, and no time can change that.

    1. Ann, no one could prepare us for that new little baby coming home in our care and the same is for when they leave home as adults! I think you hit a point “She is his number one, and I have to step back and let that happen”…. it is very hard to step back and not be their #1 any more!

  4. Love you, Pam! I know how you feel. My last is graduating in May too!!!! I think it has been one of the hardest things that I have had to deal with in my life!!! I do lots of praying for guidance for my next steps and trying to find new interests! I am doing the Sunday School thing and it does help fill the need to be around little ones. Email me anytime and we can comisserate (sp)or better yet give each other support!

    1. Gail, AMEN sister! This has been one of the hardest things to deal with in my life! I don’t think I realized how much I loved being a young Mom! That was my life! My career! Now I need to find a new career and that in itself is a challenge!

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