The Terminator

Yep, that is what my boss called me, “The Terminator”.

He was proud to give me that title. Everywhere I went with him, that is how he introduced me, “This is Pam, The Terminator!”

I don’t think I thought about it much at the time.

I was just doing my job: getting sales and following my Dad’s teaching of being the best you can be.

Dad’s teaching “When you are at work you give it 100%” and then my mottos:

“Be the best you can be and push yourself a little harder every day.

“When someone says no, they mean not now!”

Books on a shelf--Attention by Jim Kukral

Jim Kukral in his book Attention mentions to have a new personal brand. Maybe that Terminator Salesperon is my personal brand. Do you think if I proclaim I am the terminator on my resume that I can land me a sales position at a great company?

The Terminator.

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