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Baby stuffed animals

She is on her way!

Baby stuffed animals
She is on her way.

Yep! She is on her way and I am going to be a Grandma.

A Grandma!

Imagine that!

I am going to be a Grandma!

Oh, my! It has been 39 weeks since my little girl conceived.

My little girl that has grown up to be a beautiful lady both inside and out.

My sweet little girl is going to have a baby! ANY DAY!

I have not allowed myself to think about it much over the last 39 weeks.

Not that I wasn’t excited but more to give The Kids (Sissy and New Husband) their space and privacy. I knew if I thought about it too much I would be writing post here and talking about it on Facebook. Maybe The Kids didn’t want the world to know what was going on in their life. Maybe they wanted their peace.

So here…

As we get closer to the due date, I write this post.

Sweet Little Mac (that is what we call the baby, Little Mac) will be here any time.

And what does this Grandma (Grandma Jammer as The Kids call me) have to say about the soon to arrive baby?

What does this Granma Jammer have to say about being a Grandma?


God is such an awesome God!

He planned this all perfectly!

God always knows what he is doing. We just need to kick back and let him have the rein. I have learned (well I still need reminders quite often) that you might as well let God have the reins because if you don’t…the ride is going to be mighty bumpy.

I have been praying every morning to God. I pray for lots of things along with being grateful but one of the things that I pray for everyday is for God to guide his loving hand in the birth of Little Mac. To allow Sissy to have a fairly easy birth with no complications. For Little Mac to come out healthy, happy and full of God’s love. (Oh, there are some other specific things I prayed for, too, with God but I plan to keep those between God and me.)

Little Mac, I am waiting for your arrival with open arms and an open heart.


4th of July Sparkle

This 4th would be different this year.
No husbands. No boyfriends, No kids.

Just middle aged moms enjoying time together.

Things that are important to these Moms:

  • food
  • giving our time to charity
  • friendships
  • church
  • cooking
  • food
  • talking and sharing with friends
  • celebrating
  • food
  • time with friends
  • exercise

We managed to fit all of this into our day….

The American Flag
Happy Birthday, America!

With this in mind, we made our plans for the day to celebrate America’s Birthday.

We made a lemon cake and a healthy spinach salad to take to our evening party. We licked the bowl of the cream cheese frosting….oh, and the beaters, too!

We took a short walk then headed over to my friends church’s firework stand where we gave our time to chat with others…I mean we spent our time selling fireworks!

We packed a picnic lunch and headed over to the Pleasanton’s 13th Annual Community Fourth of July Celebration.

We spent the next two hours being entertained by Uncle Sam, the Community band, a poem reading, drummers and a Civil War commemoration.

When was the last time you sang “America the Beautiful” or Star-Spangled Banner”?

or said the pledge of Allegiance?

Listening to the Young American Patriots Drum and Fife Corps made me think about my kids when they were young. Sissy leading her Junior High band as drum major. College Boy playing his trumpet. Ahhhhh memories!

vanilla and orange swirl ice cream cone
Happy Birthday America!

I convinced my girlfriends to indulge in an American favorite…ice cream! After all we were having a birthday celebration.

A trip back to Mrs A’s to pick up our food and then off to another friend’s 4th of July party.

Kids in the pool…don’t need to worry.
Kids on the jumping gym…don’t need to worry.
Fireworks…don’t need to worry.
Too much food….don’t need to worry.

Yep! When it is just you and your girlfriends you get to go to the celebration without worrying if your kids will drown in the pool, hurt themselves in the bounce house, burn themselves on fireworks or eat too much and get a tummy ache.

The only one eating too much this day is little ‘ole ME!

All we needed to worry about is visiting with friends and getting a piece of that lemon cake we made with love.

Yep…life isn’t too bad as an empty nest middle aged mom!

In memory of Mrs. T, I had one deviled egg.

Reminisce with me as I listen to the songs I so proudly sang in grade school…

The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Yankee Doodle…I always liked this song when I was young. I think there was some hand motions we made up to go with the song.

Do they sing these songs in school now…as much as we did?
Do our kids really understand how lucky we are to live in a free country and to call America home?


Of course 4th of July always includes fireworks! This year I tried to take some pictures with the help of a 6th grade girl who befriended me. She gave me advice like to turn the flash off. Her way of hinting that I needed to turn the flash off, “The light is hurting my retina!” Haa Haa “I told her I was an amateur.” She said, “Let me see your camera. I will play around with it so you can turn the flash off.” Well, I got the hint to turn the flash off (quite frankly I was so amazed with all the fireworks that I didn’t realize it was on. Woops!) She then preceded to tell me, “Keep clicking, keep clicking, keep clicking. Click fast!” Sooooo I did as any middle aged mom would do and listen to a preteen. I clicked and I clicked and I clicked and before you knew it the fireworks were over. Thanks to my new friend, I think I got some pretty good pictures of the fireworks. What do you think?

God Bless America! Happy Birthday!

Crepes with Girlfriends | #181


I called my girlfriend to see if she wanted to get together for a visit in Granite Bay. She said sure and suggested either coffee or crepes. I immediately said, “Crepes!”


I love crepes! Crepes always seem like a treat to me. I remember the first time I had crepes with my Mother-in-Law at the Magic Pan in South Coast Plaza. The two of us would plan a day of shopping followed by crepes and of course we left the boys at home! That became a favorite outing of ours! So of course when my friend suggested a new crepe place, I was quick to say, “Yes, please!!!”

The first thing I thought when I walked into Faith’s Crepes is “How cute! Look at the white table clothes and the little vases of red flowers. Hmmm Look at the waiter…cute! And he is wearing a tie in the afternoon. Fancy!”


Don’t worry about having enough cold water. These bottles of water are easily reachable in the cooler near by.


Dessert to go?


Perfect pastries to go with my afternoon tea! Scones anyone?






The food was great.
The company was fantastic.

You know what made it even more special? Another friend joined us when we saw her in the parking lot! Yippee! I got to spend time with two girlfriends! I love my girlfriends! It always fills my gratitude bucket when I get time with friends!

Love you girls!

365 Day Gratitude Bucket: Grateful for Time with Girlfriends at Faith’s Crepes
Day # 181

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