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birds chirping - listen - quote

Be Still and Listen

birds chirping - listen - quote

Peaceful morning….
Do you stop and listen…
I mean really listen….
Be still….

You don’t hear?

Be still….

I mean really still.

Don’t think about that computer.

Forget about what is going on with Facebook and Twitter.

Forget about the problems.

Forget about what you will do tomorrow.

Forget about all worries.

Be still….

You aren’t still enough…

You have to sit really still.

Do you need a q-tip to clean out your ears?

Stay in total silence…

The birds are chirping….

Feel the light breeze coming through the window?

He is waiting for you….

He is waiting for you to get everything out of your mind…

He is waiting for you to be totally present for him.

It may only be a whisper…

Stay in silence….

Be at peace…


He is here…



Are your ears ringing?

Be still…

“Be still, my dear child, be still. I am here with you. I am here for you. I have you in my arms. I want the best for you. I love you dear child. Trust in me. It will all be ok. It will ALL be ok. It WILL be ok. Trust. Have faith. Be still, and let me lead the way. Be still my dear child. I have tomorrow planned. Tomorrow is all taken care of. Trust. Be at peace. Trust. Feel my love for you, my dear child. Feel my love. I have got it figured out. I am King. I am your Father. Be still.”

He will talk to you. You have to listen…

Do you trust?

Let go…

And listen.

today i choose joy

Today I choose…JOY

For today…
I choose…
today i choose joy

Although sometimes it can be hard to be joyful…

We don’t quite have it “all together”.

We don’t know what direction we are going in life.

We are living by faith and waiting for God to lead us.

Living in faith.

Living in faith.

Knowing that everything will be ok.

It will be ok.


for today…

Why not live in JOY!

I choose JOY…

for today!

Why not choose Joy with me….

What are you joyful for?

Christmas tree not holiday tree

It is a CHRISTmas tree

I will only call it a Christmas tree!

Christmas tree not holiday tree

It is a Christmas tree…
Don’t tell me it is a holiday tree…
No way..
No how…
I will not call it a holiday tree.

Just as it is Christmas and I will say Merry Christmas! NOT Happy Holidays!

It is MY Christmas and I am going to shout that.

It may be your holiday but it is my Christmas!




Know one can take that away from me.

Just saying!

Merry Christmas!

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