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Angelo’s Italian Deli in Seal Beach

My friends and I decided to go the concert in the park in Seal Beach during my visit to Southern California.




Two gentlemen were eating this pasta. I asked if I could take a picture! I couldn’t believe how much food it was for the two of them.


We ordered sandwiches to take to the concert.


Decided we needed to try the desserts, too!


There was only one berry tart left so I grabbed it quick! Of course I was planning to share with my friends!







I think the pictures says it all!

Bon Appetite!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries | Gratitude #198


Mom is always cooking when I go to visit her. She was hungry for a hamburger, so we decided to go check out Five Guys. Mom said they were rated #2 after In and Out Burger. I wanted to know why they were rated #2. (I hate saying #2 it reminds me of something else! haha)

I didn’t get a very good picture but there was a planter circle in front that had the most beautiful red and white roses planted.

They had plenty of tables outside but we chose to sit inside to escape the summer heat.


You can order as many toppings as you want to order for your hamburger! FREE!


Plenty of seating inside. Clean.


Everyone was friendly.


Awhile you wait for your burger, you can scoop up a container of peanuts. Take as many as you like but don’t throw the shells on the floor.


They earned many awards. Five Guys started in Virginia but have slowly spread across the United States. I just checked their website to discover they have a Five Guys in Sacramento! I will be sure to check them out!



Dad sits patiently awhile he waits for his burger.


Dig in…


You can order spicy fries….


or regular fries…

either are very good!


I got grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, chili peppers…



They have bags and bags of fries…


They have a sign showing where the fries are from! I thought that was fun!

365 Day Gratitude Project
Day # 198: Grateful for Five Guys Burgers and yummy fries

Red box of Dewar's Old Fashioned Chews

Dewar’s Old Fashioned Chews | #192


I was so excited when a friend brought me Dewar’s Old Fashioned Chews from Bakersfield.

I have been to Dewar’s several times when I had a client I use to visit in Bakersfield. I would wrap up my trip by stopping by Dewar’s to grab some candy to take back to the office for the hard working staff.

You know what else they have at Dewar’s? Ice Cream! Homemade ice cream AND they have an old fashioned bar with stools in their ice cream parlor. Yummy homemade ice cream. Ice cream sundaes, milk shakes, ice cream cones. YUMMY!


The package says:

“The candy you are about to enjoy is a delightful treat prepared with love and care from a recipe close to a century old. Made daily from only the freshest ingredients at the Dewar’s Family Candy and Ice Cream Parlor in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, our “Dewar’s Chews” are known across the country for their ability to bring a smile to the face of kids and adults alike! so sit back and experience a Dewar’s family tradition started by Grandpa Dewar in 1909. From our family to yours–this taffy chew is for you!”


The package should say:

“The candy you are about to enjoy is very addicting, you will not be able to eat just one. The delightful treat prepared with sugar and other special sweeteners have led to a candy addiction in many consumers who choose to take the first bite from this recipe that is close to a century old. Come into our store in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley and you will be in awe by the smell and the selection of delightful treats. These savory delights are sure to bring a smile to your personal trainers face because he will know that you will have to come in for additional sessions in order to fight the belly fat from over indulging in these taffy chews that Grandpa Dewar created in 1909.”



Peanut Butter Old Fashioned Chew. (My personal favorite!)


Carmel Old Fashioned Chew. (My second favorite!)


Oh why, oh why did he give me a whole box of these delightfully chewing candies?

He gave me a whole box of my two favorite flavors!

He gave me a whole box that probably won’t last a week!


Please put my personal trainer on the phone! I desperately need to burn some extra calories now!


365 Day Project: Gratitude bucket
Day # 192 Grateful for Dewar’s Old Fashioned Chews from Bakersfield

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