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What Goes Around, Comes Around | #150

butterfly with words "What goes around comes around"

365 Day Project: Inspiration

What goes around, comes around.

How many times have we heard this?
These seemed to be my Mom’s favorite last words “What goes around, comes around.”
These words were later adopted by me to my kids “What goes around, comes around.”
Now as a middle aged mom, I quite often find these words repeating in my head when I don’t approve of something “What goes around, comes around.”

What goes around comes around.

I think these words mean if you don’t do the right thing it will come back to haunt you.

I don’t want to be haunted. Even though I feel like I am haunted with these words “What goes around, comes around” whenever I may be tempted to not make the right choice. Even as a middle aged mom, I still find myself haunted by the words that my Mom placed in my head a very long time ago!

Do you have words that your Mom use to tell you that still haunt you today?