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Angelo’s Italian Deli in Seal Beach

My friends and I decided to go the concert in the park in Seal Beach during my visit to Southern California.




Two gentlemen were eating this pasta. I asked if I could take a picture! I couldn’t believe how much food it was for the two of them.


We ordered sandwiches to take to the concert.


Decided we needed to try the desserts, too!


There was only one berry tart left so I grabbed it quick! Of course I was planning to share with my friends!







I think the pictures says it all!

Bon Appetite!

Bluebirds in Truckee | #200

blue bird in a pine tree
I have always been intrigued by different birds!
Bluebird in Truckee
Beautiful bluebird.

I was sitting at on the deck at my girlfriends house in Truckee. What a wonderful relaxing place to be! This beautiful bluebird was eating the seed that she had put out in her feeder. As the bluebird ate, she dropped seeds on the ground where a squirrel was eating the remnants. At one point the bluebird and squirrel were only inches away from each other….wish I could have captured that in a picture. I guess you will have to capture that picture in your imagination! Sweet!

365 Day Gratitude Project | Day # 200 | Grateful for bluebirds in Truckee

Donner Lake

Blondes Do Have More Fun! | #199

Waiting for our boat to doc.
Waiting for our boat!

I am excited! My girlfriend who lives in Truckee invited me to spend a couple of days with her!

This day was our day at the lake! Her husband volunteered to take us three blondes out on their boat.

Donner Lake


Donner Lake
What a beautiful lake!
Girlfriends at Donner Lake
Blondes DO have more fun!

I had a wonderful day! Don’t we look good for a bunch of middle aged moms? Say yes! The answer is you ladies look really good for middle aged moms! Say it! I know, I know, we have our dresses on over our bathing suits…THAT is what happens at this age. We become a little modest….that is all.


365 Day Gratitude Project | Day #199

Grateful for time with girlfriends on Donner Lake.

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