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Sing it: I’ve Been Working on The Railroad


Check out the beaver distruction up at the top of this picture…

I’ve been working on the railroad.
All the live long day…

Can’t you hear the captain shouting…
Dinah blow your horn…

water stop for Durango-Silverton narrow gauge train

I knew this song.

I knew every verse of this song.

I sang it all the time to College Boy.

It was a long song.

I didn’t have to think when I sang it.

Well…I could be holding college boy in the rocker and sing this song without thinking about the words I was singing and usually by the time the song was over, he was asleep. Was it the song? My voice? Or boredom?

Awhile I sang this song, I could be thinking of other things or other places. Other places like back in the 1900’s…


Dreaming of College Boy in my arms sitting in an Old Queen Ann rocking chair in front of the fireplace in the parlour. My husband, a prominent business man, had set off in the carriage this morning to close yet another deal. Once I laid College Boy down for his nap, I would be joined by my best friends in the parlour for afternoon tea. You see my best friends often would come to visit me from California. They enjoyed the hospitality here at the Stargazer Mansion. I enjoyed their company and friendship.


Back from my dream….

Taking a picture from the train
Here I am taking a picture. Trying to see the engine!

On the 45 mile trip from Durango to Silverton I played a game with myself. How many times can you catch a picture of the engine being that I was in the last car?





Another free entertainment for me, was to watch the smoke come out of the engines stack. I liked to see the different ways the wind would blow it and the different shapes.

When you were little, did you ever watch the clouds in the sky and see what shapes you could make? Same type of entertainment! hee hee

I know, I know! Cheap entertainment! Cheap date!

What Were Your Childhood Memories of Easter?



My sister and I would get a new outfit that would include white panton leather Mary Jane shoes, a pastel colored dress, white gloves and a hat. Oh, my how pretty and special I thought I was!

The day before Easter Mom would boil eggs then Sis and I would dye them.

Easter morning we woke up excited to look for our Easter baskets. it was a race to see who would find theirs first, of course, being the older sister, I always wanted (and mostly did) find my basket first!

We would exam our candy which would include yellow chick peeps, Helen Grace solid chocolate bunny, mild chocolate eggs and a larger peanut butter egg, jelly beans, two hard boiled eggs and robin eggs. I think they were all my favorite…and still are!

Mom would still be sleeping. Dad was usually already at work when we got up in the morning. My sister and I would then get ready for church. Mom sometimes drove us to church but we (sister and I) often walked the mile to the Methodist Church. I don’t remember much about church itself but I am sure God was watching me!

That afternoon we would have Easter dinner. Mom has always been a great cook! Dinner would be served around 2pm in the dining room and would include biscuits, ham, mashed potatoes, corn and peas.

Mom had special blue china that she stored in the cupboard above the refrigerator that she would get out on special occasions. I always loved the little crystal bowl of black olives Mom would put on the dining room table. I would find myself sneaking a few olives every time I walked by the table before dinner.

I will never forget one year after Easter.

We started smelling a terrible odor in the house.

We looked around for days trying to figure out where the rancid odor was coming from. We wondered if something died under the house…

Dad crawled under the house and didn’t see anything. Mom cleaned out the refrigerator and all the trash cans were emptied but still the smell did not go away but only got stronger.

My Sister was not the neatest person in the house. My Dad finally decided that he would dig into her room…

Long and behold he discovered Sister’s Easter basket including what once was hard boiled eggs! Needless to say, Sister was in a lot of trouble and I won’t share here what happened next! (Saving you that story, Sis!)

As a Mom, I tried to always make Easter special for my kids. I continued the tradition of hiding Easter baskets but my kids were not allowed to look for them until they got me up out of bed (if I wasn’t already up). They would wear their new outfits to church but we would all go to church as a family. We would have Easter dinner together that we all did our part in preparing. The Easter baskets would include a Helen Grace solid chocolate bunny but instead of all the other candy, it would include a toy, a book or a movie.

Today College Boy is not able to be with me. Sissy and New Hubby will be over later this afternoon.

This morning I will go to church…by myself.

It will be hard walking into that sanctuary…by myself.

It will be hard looking around the church seeing all the other families…together.

I will sit in the back today…by myself
I will be looking at the families…
wondering what their traditions are…
listening to the message…
singing the songs…

I am sure there will be a few tears…

Tears because I am now in a new chapter in my life.

A new chapter where I have not yet accepted the new title Middle Aged Empty Nest Mom.

I don’t quite know how to act or know what to do as a Middle Aged Empty Nest Mom.

I loved, loved, loved being a young Mom with young ones at home.

It is now time to make new Easter memories.
It is time to enjoy life as a Middle Aged Empty Nest Mom.

I know one day I will accept that title proudly but for today I shall drown myself in my memories of the past…

Happy Easter! What are your childhood memories of Easter?

Movie Star Dreams

Me hoping to be a movie star.
When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a movie star.

The only problem with that…

I didn’t know how to act…

I was so shy that I barely spoke…

I couldn’t even do my school presentations in front of my classmates. I remember sitting in my wooden desk praying that the teacher wouldn’t get around to selecting me for the next presentation.

What was I thinking? To be a movie star?


So we had just moved to California.

Land of movie stars, success, money, and a place where everyone achieved their dreams…

At least that is what I thought.

My Mom was so excited to get us kids involved in the movies that she signed up and paid (we all know you don’t pay money to get your kids in show business) for us to get a script and try out.

We had to go to some warehouse out in Beverly Hills.

I smiled from ear to ear. I am going to be a movie star! A movie star!

I remember my sister went first.

She was in there for a long time. (My Mom and I weren’t allowed to go into the screening room.)

I thought…


They really like her.

She was sent out and I was sent in for my screening.

I can remember having knee socks on and my hair in pig tails.

I remember the script was something about peanut butter and jelly and another about chewing gum.

I was in and out in a matter of minutes.

They told my Mom that they would call us if they were interested and wanted us in for another screening. (Which I am sure would cost Mom more money.)

The phone call came.

They wanted my sister and not me.

I went into my closet and cried.

I cried for what seemed like days.

My sister was going to be a movie star.

She was going to be famous.

The worst part (because I am very, very competitive with my sister) is she was going to be better than me.

I don’t know what happened.

Except that for hours, maybe days, I wouldn’t come out of my closet.

Just me and my teddy bear in the closet for days. (ok, maybe hours)

There was a turn…

My Mom came into my room and they had called back and said they wanted me.


Yippee! I am going to be a movie star.

I got to go to another screening in Hollywood.

It was a very, very, very long day.

They made us wait for hours, and hours and hours.

We were then told if a part became available that would fit my personality (what personality, I was so shy, I hid behind my Mom’s legs) that they would call.

We waited for the phone to ring…

Hours became days.

Days became weeks.

Weeks became months. Then the thought of becoming a movie star became a distant memory.

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