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365 Day Project: Turkeys in Folsom 8/365

This morning we went to Sutter Grill in Old Town Folsom. On the way home we drove through the residential area that backed up to Sutter Street. To my amazement there was a flock of turkeys. For ten minutes I tried to get the perfect picture with my iphone4 dispite the 35 degree temperature outside. This is the best picture I could get.

365 Day Project: Turkeys in Folsom 8/365

I didn’t get a very good picture but I sure had fun trying! Filling my smiles bucket!

Sweet Nicole Always Bring me a Smile 4/365

Sweet Nicole Always Brings me a Smile 4/365

I love Nicole! She is one of the sweetest young women you will ever meet with a heart of gold and a smile that will lighten your world no matter how dark it seems. You can not be around Nicole without catching some of her energy.

This morning I woke up with a link in my email to a new post for her blog “When in Rome”. I must say that just knowing that I had a story to read from her brought a smile to my face.

Then when I read the story, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Nicole, how can you be so wise at such a young age?! I love you girl!

Nicole also takes you on a quick video tour, although she states throughout the video that she is almost out of battery. Sweet, Sweet, Nicole! We need to get you a spare battery, I think this has been a common occurence!

I love you, Nicole. Thank you for sharing a smile with me!

Ecco a voi Nicole!

Here’s to my smiles bucket and Nicole!


(The picture of Nicole is from my Eat, Pray, Love Tea Party we had just days before she left for Rome. Nicole, what joy you are!)

Frogs Make Me Smile 3/365

3/365 Frogs Fill My Smiles Bucket

Anytime I see a frog, I think about Prince Charming.

When I think of Prince Charming, I think about love, dreams, fairytails, and Disneyland!

I believe in love and dreams. I believe all your dreams WILL come true! I believe everygirl WILL find her Prince Charming!

I also love these little toys! My Father-In-Law use to have a basket full of them on his coffee table. We had so much fun with these little toys. We would try to get all 20 or 30 of them going at the same time!


Memories make me smile!

Filling my Smiles Bucket one day at a time!


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