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365 Day Project: Out of Control Pink Camelia Bush 14/365

365 Day Project: Pink Camelias 14/365

I planted this beautiful soft pink camelia bush about six months ago. It wasn’t very big at the time; maybe 2 1/2 feet high.

It is now nearly 5 feet high and has over 30 blossoms on it.

It is gorgeous!

It is beautiful!

It is amazing!

I have never had a camelia grow so well in Northern California.

This camelia bush shows that it likes it surroundings.

I get to see it every time I walk out my front door or pull up in my drive way.

Everyday I look out it, I say “WOW! You are so gorgeous!”

Everyday I look at it, I smile at how well it is growing!

Filling my smiles bucket!

365 Day Project: Words Can Be Funny 13/365


This sign made me smile when College Boy and I stopped to get gas on his way back to college.

Passmore, Arizona Union 76. The sign says “Passmore Gas n Go”. The first time College Boy drove through Passmore and saw this sign he immediately sent me a text message with a picture of this sign. He thought it was so hysterical. I think that is why it makes me smile….because he got such a laugh out of it!

So today, I add to my smiles bucket.

365 Day Project: Sissy’s Wedding Photos Arrive Today 10/365

365-Day-Project: Sissy's Wedding Photographs Arrive

I just got the wedding pictures back from Sissy and New Hubby’s wedding. They brought a smile to my face. It was such a beautiful wedding day…and they are such a beautiful couple both inside and out…with hearts of gold! Glad to have them in my life. (Secretly, I always wanted more kids, what an easy way to have another son!)

Adding to my smiles bucket today!


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