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Beautiful Jess 26/350

I was excited today when I got noticed of a new blog post from one of my favorite gals, Jess.

She is beautiful, talented, kind, loving and brilliant. I love reading her blogs “Wearable Dreams” her tag line is “I wear my heart and my dreams on my sleeve.” She definately does!

Her blogs always include self portraits. Not sure how she sets up the camera and then gets into the moment to capture the picture. Truly talented.

Today I have a big smile on my face as I read her latest blog and gratitude in my heart that I have the honor to know such a beautiful person.

Jess, here’s to you kid!

365 Day Project: A Son Who Cooks 22/365

Today is Saturday. A perfect day to get things done.

I was very focused on my projects when I received a text message from College Boy.

I immediately smiled and looked at it. It was this picture.

Steven cooks chili.

Now as a Mom, how would you interpret this picture?

My first thoughts are…

“WOW, he is busy cooking.” (He always cooks so that isn’t a big deal.)

I see Grandma’s favorite chili starter. That’s good.

He must be making chili.

I see two beers (how did he get old enough to drink?!).
I see oranges. Oranges are very appropriate for Blue Moon beer.”

Then I look for a text.
There is no text message. Just the picture.

Steven cooks chili.

I look at the time. This message came in an hour ago.

My Motherly (is that a word? hee hee) mind goes into full gear!

I sent him a text back and asked him how the chili was and if he had additional pictures of the final product.

No answer.

Time continued to pass and my Motherly (did we determine if that is a word?) mind wondered more.

If you examine the picture you see on the left two unopened bottles of beer.

Steven cooks chili.

Continue to examine the evidence and you see two bottle caps (apparently beer bottle caps) to the right.

As the examination of the evidence you will see not one, not two, but three knives next to some onions.

This motherly (yes, it’s a word in my book: my motherly book) mind begins to come to some conclusions.

College boy had drank one too many beers and as he was cutting the onion, his knife slipped and…….oh, no, this mother with her motherly mind can not think about what happened. (Reality, if I would pay attention to reality at this moment, I know he is smarter then to drink too much.)

Oh, dear, dear, dear me! What is a mother to do?

Pray! “College Boy, you need to text or call me.”

Pray more! “College Boy, I hope nothing happened here.”

Pray, Pray, Pray! “College Boy, please be ok!”

This motherly mind was wondering…

Did college boy take this picture as he was leaving the scene? As the Roommates carried him off to the emergency room?

The clock is ticking. My projects are at a hault. I am pacing.

Can’t act like a Mom with College Boy.
Can’t panic call and call and call.
Not yet.

Ok. I will give him a few more minutes.


Thank you, God. Thank you. Thank You!

He called!

His story. “Mom, I know you like cooking pictures since you are always taking pictures for your blog. I have more cooking pictures for you. They just are too hard to upload from my house because my AT&T 3G network (I won’t use the word he used here) doesn’t upload very fast here. I will send them later.”

If College Boy only knew where his Mom’s motherly mind wondered too.

Lets keep this between you and me, ok?

365 Day Project: Who is the Dummy? 21/365

A friend sent me this video link today.
She said she couldn’t resist because it was so funny.
So, of course, I couldn’t resist to look at it.

Yep, it was funny.

Made me laugh.

Made me smile.

Because it made me smile, I thought I would post it here on day 21 of my 365 Day Project.

This reminded me of when I was a little girl….many, many moons ago.

I always wanted to be a ventriloquist.

I tried and tried to talk without moving my lips.

Every Christmas I asked for a dummy.

Every Christmas there was no dummy under the tree.

Think Santa was trying to tell me something?

365 Day Project: Too Much Fun For Food Bloggers 19/365

This morning I was looking as some food blogs when I came across this video. I took the time to look at it and couldn’t help but to smile. Wow! Food bloggers aka synchronize swimmers aka hotties aka party animals aka beach bodies.

Wow! I want to go to Food Blogger camp! Thanks Matt Armendariz for the free entertainment!

Here’s to food bloggers, free entertainment and adding to my smiles bucket!

PS Jaden, you sure know how to throw a party…hope the foot is better!

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