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Grateful for the Rocky Mountains


I have always wanted to go to the Rocky Mountains especially in the fall! So today when I had a free day in Colorado, I decided to take a drive from Denver to the Rocky Mountains.

Once I turned off highway 25, I blasted my music, turned the heater on and rolled down my window and got my camera ready. I was about to embark on Gods little bit of heaven.


I love driving in the country! I love the old Barns and houses and old cars and the animals.

There is so much to see and take pictures of. Unfortunately I knew I had a limited amount of time so most of the pictures are just memories of a beautiful country.


I will have to go back someday to take pictures of all the old buildings and cars.

I will have to go back someday to have time to stop in the little towns to shop, eat and visit with the locals.

I will have to go back some day to stop to explore the park more… Take a lunch and take time to sit amongst nature.

I will have to go back someday to visit the historic Stanley Hotel with its striking white buildings and red rooftop. I only wish I would have taken the extra ten minutes today to take a picture or two.

And I will have to go back someday to see the Aspens in their beautiful fall colors. Today most of their limbs were bare waiting for the snow to fall.


Day 2 Grateful for a drive to the Rocky’s

Pam McCoy, Realtor (r) in tractor at Ricky Ranch in Granite Bay

Ricky Ranch and Pumpkin Patch in Granite Bay | Day 314 of Gratitude

Today I enjoyed my morning at Ricky’s Ranch and pumpkin patch. Everyone was so nice there! I enjoyed taking pictures of the tractors, animals, and pumpkins. I ended the day with a pulled pork sandwich by Bootlegger BBQ along with a stuffed jalapeno wrapped in bacon and then smoked on the smoker…THAT is what I call awesome!

Today is a great day.

I am grateful this 314 day of my 365 Gratitude Project!

Happy Harvest!