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Kids Sleeping 42/365

I remember when I was a young Mom I was always so grateful when the kids finally went to sleep. It would finally be my time! Of course, I couldn’t help but to peak in on them and take an occasional picture.
Sissy sleeping with picture of college boy
Sissy is sleeping with a picture of College Boy and her blankie. Sweet! They have always loved each other so much!
College Boy Sleeping
College Boy sleeping with Big Bird wrapped in his favorite blankie. Sweet!

I did a big mistake tonight. I got out a box of pictures when I was suppose to be working on decorations for a party I am doing tomorrow night. I got a little distracted. No, I got a lot distracted!

Big problem–I was out in the garage and I didn’t have a box of kleenex. I will have to wash this sweatshirt I have on. That is all I am saying! Ok, ladies, don’t tell me you have never got caught in a reminiscing crying spell without a tissue?!

I am so very grateful for my two wonderful children! I loved every single minute of being a Mom! I never, ever wished I was anything but my children’s Mom!

I will continue to thank their Dad every single day of my life that I got to be a stay at home Mom with my kids! (Just wish that could be a life long high paying career! Anyone have a career idea for me or a job they want to offer me?)

Guess I better go work on those party decorations! Thanks for letting me share!


Gratitude Quotes 35/365

Hot Air Balloon Festival--100's of balloons

I love quotes they are very inspirtional to me. Today I was at Hallmark and got this great book of Gratitude Quotes compiled by Dan Zadra. I thought I would take a moment in time to share a few random quotes here with you. Hope you enjoy them!

“I am grateful for whatever helps my spirit grow.” –Florida Calloway

“It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts.” –J.M. Laurence

“Thanks for showing me that even on the darkest, rainiest days the sun is still there, just behind the clouds, waiting to shine again.”–Lisa Harlow

“It was only a sunny smile…but it scattered the night like morning light, and made the day worth living.” –unknown

“Treasure the one who thinks of you when all others are thinking of themselves.” –James Gunn

Do any of these quotes inspire you? I would love for you to comment below…..

A Moment in Time day 35 of 365.

365 Day Project: It’s a Beautiful Day 18/365

A Moment in Time


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords husband Mark Kelly was just interviewed on 20/20.

At the end of the interview, he mentioned that he would have the song “It’s a Beautiful Day” play in the background because she loves that song so much.

I really believe there is healing power in music.

Today as part of my 365 Day Project, I just wanted to reflect on this moment in time.

365-Day-Project: Filling My Gratitude and Smiles Bucket One Day at at Time

2011 is Going to be Heaven
I recently was speaking to my daughter’s boss at her wedding. He made a comment to me that has been stuck in my head since that conversation. “2011 is going to be Heaven!”

I like that “2011 is going to be Heaven!

I wrote that in all my Christmas cards.

I have made that statement in my emails to my friends.

I have decided that will be my personal motivator for 2011.

Of course, I know it can’t just be Heaven on its own.

I will need to contribute to that theory. And here is where my new category comes in for this blog “365-Day-Project”. To allow 2011 be heaven I will need to focus on the positive everyday. It will be important to have a smile on my face and have a heart of gratitude. Hence my “Gratitude Bucket” and my “Smile Bucket” categories! It will also be important to appreciate the little things–hence “A Moment in Time” category.

Every day in 2011 I plan to add a thought, a picture, a quote, or a story in one of my 365-Day-Project categories.

I am doing this for me but I hope that others will also discover this blog and enjoy my post and hopefully benefit from my positive 2011 focus.

And now….as I get ready to ring in the New Year…I welcome 2011 with an open grateful heart, a smile on, and I will take several moments to visualize all that 2011 will be to make it “Heaven”!

2011 Will be Heaven!

Here’s to us!


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