About this Blog

About me?
About this blog?

What is the direction of this blog?
Not sure…
What I am sure of…
It will evolve as I find my voice.
It will have a daily post for my 365 Day Project.
My 365 Day Project will evolve as I do in 2011.

What I hope to gain from this blog?
Today (this will probably change too) I hope that through my voice that I am trying to discover, that I will find some readers along the way. I hope that those readers will also share their voice through comments and guest post.

It is an honor to me when I hear from my readers.

I look forward to your views and suggestions.

The big question is…
What can i provide for you?
How can I help you, the reader?
What can you, my reader, gain from spending your precious time here reading my blog?
Pam McCoy

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