PJ’s kids will tell you stories about the notes they would find in the most random places as they were growing up.

When they went away to camp, they would find notes in their shoes, socks, ditty bag, folded in their towels, tucked in their pockets, etc.

When they went to college they found notes in coat pockets, pant pockets, inside can lids and books, between papers, on the computer, backpack pockets, etc. Her daughter laughs about finding notes three years later in clothes that she hadn’t worn since she took them to college.

PJ’s kids also laugh because quite often their Mom just randomly will say something to them just because something came to her mind. No rhyme or reason for the statement. You can quite often hear her kids say “Mom, that is so random!”

This blog represents some of those random notes along with random thoughts.

Random Pocket Notes is also the home for PJ’s 2011 365-Day-Project filling her Gratitude and Smile Bucket and appreciating moments in time.

You can fill PJ’s smile bucket and gratitude bucket by subscribing and commenting to her blog.

Remember to smile every day and look for something everyday to be grateful for! These are the most precious treasures to life.

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