365 Day Project: Latte Love 12/365

Girlfriends are Like Flowers-Beautiful and Great to Have Around

Today was a great day with two old friends…girlfiends! Girlfriends of over 20 years that is!

Girlfriends to always treasure!

We had a wonderful three hour lunch at the Basil Leaf Cafe in Danville, followed by an hour in the local bookstore, Rakestraw, and ending our day at Lunardi’s Market and Peet’s Coffee Shop.

The time flew by! Six hours later and it seemed like it had only been an hour! So much to talk about. So much to catch up about.

After twenty years of friendship, you know each other pretty darn well! You know each others kids almost like they are your own. And we know each other well. THAT is all I am going to devulge about our six hours together. If I told you any more, I would be breaking the rules of Girlfriend time.

What is said between girlfriends, stays between girlfriends!

The service and the food was outstanding at Basil Leaf Cafe. My water glass was always half full, the waiter was sweet and attentive, and the bread….yes, the bread! Let’s just say I decided to stop counting calories after the waiter brought the second basket!

365 Day Project: Basil Leaf Cafe

The water was very refreshing! It had mint, apples…yes, apples, raspberries, lemons and limes cut up in it. I definately got my water for the day at lunch! Does that make up for all the bread I ate? : )

365 Day Project:Basil Leaf Cafe

After lunch, we went to a local bookstore–Rakestraw. The owner and his Mom run the shop. They were so knowledgeable and very helpful. We all had certain things we were looking for and they knew exactly what we wanted. I can’t wait to go back again when they have an author visiting…which they have quite frequently.

We ended our day at Lunardi’s Market. We all had a few essentials to pick up and I desperately needed some caffeine for my drive home after eating all those carbs! I stopped at Peet’s Coffee inside Lunardi’s Market and was fortunate to have a wonderful man, Billy, help me with my drink order.

365 Day Project: Billy at Peet's Coffee in Lunardi's Market 12/365

Since I usually frequent Starbucks, I thought I would ask him what drink he thought I should try. He said a latte because he made them with love!

He makes his latte’s with love!

How sweet is that?!

I am in love! (Hee Hee. Giggle Giggle!)

What a sweet man!

He knows the way to ladies hearts!

Now if only he was thirty years older….just kidding.

He made our day. He made MY day!

The other barista started to make my drink…but I said “Wait! Stop! You can’t make my drink!!! Billy said he would make my drink. He said he would make my drink with love! I need love!”

She looked at me. And I am sure I heard what she was thinking “Oh, my, Billy has a couple of middle aged women on his hands. I think I will let him handle this one! Good excuse for me to go hide in the back. I am out of here!”

My latte? It was delicious after all, it was made with LOVE! (Here it is almost midnight, well past my bedtime and I still feel that love! Hee Hee)

Today my gratitude and smiles bucket is filling up.

Good Night, Terry!
Good Night, Ann!
Good Night, my sweet waiter at Basil Leaf Cafe!
Good Night, Mr.Son and Mrs. Mom Knowledge at Rakestraws!
Good Night………Billy!!!

(ummmm, you best keep me away from that night time caffeine!)

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5 thoughts on “365 Day Project: Latte Love 12/365”

  1. Fun! Yes it was a fun day. I have to say, 27 years to be exact! We had great waiters, clerks and baristas and Pam you were so kind and complimentary to all of them! Let’s do it again soon!

  2. P.S. I love the pics – not bad of us 3 middle aged women, and I like the ones of the food! That water glass one could be in a magazine!

  3. It was a wonderful day! It started out with you helping me arrange my BD party and planning the decorations. I’m glad we were able to have such an enjoyable lunch together. It was fun to celebrate your belated birthday. Going to the bookstore is always a positive experience for me. I love getting so much new information. I hope you come back and we can go to an author’s visit and signing. The pictures you took were beautiful. Thanks Ann and Pam for a fabulous day and let’s plan something very soon. How about tea? I love this website!

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