Keepsake Notes Make Me Smile 27/365

I have had this book for a few years.  It sits on the shelf right next to my desk with other books of encouragement. I like to pick it up randomly select a page to see what words it will bring to me on that day. It is amazing how the words always speak what I need to hear at that time.

book Today would be no different. I picked up this book and opened it to this page.

reading from book

Basically what it says that everyone should save notes of gratitude and appreciation that others have given you. To use these notes as words of encouragements during hard days. If feels good to be loved and appreciated! When we read the notes from loved ones, it reminds us of that person and our feelings for them.

keepsake notes folder

I have my folder in my desk file drawer. I often pull it out to read the notes of my loved ones. The notes give me hope; make me feel loved; and gives me courage that I can do anything.

Of course the folder is filled with several notes from my kids. These notes are always treasured and make me feel so good!

note from daughter note from son

My friend, Debbie, is the best at sending me notes. Amazing that they always show up right at the right time and always holds the words that I need to hear.

don't look back   door opens wind in hair hang in there

Amazing how friends know you so well! I am so blessed to have wonderful friends.

My two most recent cards still sit on the book shelf next to my desk to read every day. These are perfect words for me—right now.

“Behind every successful woman is herself.”

The words inside written from my dear friend, Cathy, include “Just keep going”.successful woman

plans to give you hope and futureThis beautiful card above is a homemade card by my friend Rhonda which makes it special in itself. The words are beautiful. She picks a verse to include:

For I know the plans I have for you,

Declares the Lord,

Plans to prosper you and not harm you,

Plans to give you hope and a future.” –Jeremiah 29:11

Reminding me that God will direct my path.

card from dad I have many cards that my Dad has sent me or has left at my doorstep. Notes reminding me that he believes in me and loves me. What more does a girl/daughter want to hear then their Daddy telling them “they can do anything.”

“I truly believe we should never give up on our hopes and dreams.

The path may be rocky and twisted, but the world is waiting for that special contribution each of us was born to make.

What it takes is the courage to follow those whispers of wisdom that guide us from the inside.

When I listen to that, I expect nothing less than a miracle.”

–Marilyn Joynson Kondwan

note from dad and mom

That is Dad’s writing. Dad has always been good about sending cards.

Today I am looking back at many of the cards that were given to me over the years that I have added to my keepsake notes file. With all these words of encouragement, love, wisdom, and belief, I know I have a great future in front of me. How can I help not to when I have such a wonderful support system in place. How lucky, blessed and loved I am.

Thank you to all my friends who send me cards, call me, and write me e-mails. I love you all and for this I add to my smiles and gratitude bucket.


Love you!

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