Book by Stormie | #194

365 Day Gratitude Bucket 2011
Gratitude Bucket 2011

I am grateful for Stormie Omartian’s book The Power of a Praying Woman.
I am in the middle of reading this book.
All I will say at this time:

  • It is a great book.
  • I am learning a lot.
  • It is helping me find answers.
  • I need to read more every day–God’s word.
  • I will move on to the next step in God’s journey for me.
  • I have faith. I have faith. I believe. I have faith.
  • I must forgive to move on. I forgive.
  • I must trust. I trust.
  • Something wonderful is waiting for each and everyone of us that believes, has faith and trust.

I am grateful to have Stormie’s words to learn from. Thank you, Stormie, for writing such a great book!


365 Day Gratitude Bucket: Day # 193 | Grateful for Stormie Omartian’s book

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