Illuminary bag in memory of for West SAC Relay for LIFE.

ASC: Relay for Life | #176

Luminaria bag in memory of for West SAC Relay for LIFE.

Luminaria bag in memory of for West SAC Relay for LIFE.

I just got home after spending almost twelve hours helping at the West Sacramento American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

What an organization! What an incredible group of volunteers! What a strong group of cancer survivors. What an amazing group of families and friends who were there to support those people in their life whom are now struggling with that big C word, or in honor of those who have battled cancer (yippee for these blessed folks!), or in memory of those whom have lost their life to the ugly C word.

What a touching day and event.

I just found out about this event on Thursday via Twitter. I was home feeling sorry for myself. Sorry because every time I apply for a job, I get a reject notice. Sorry because my kids are no longer home. Sorry for the cancer battles my Dad deals with. I was having a great big pity party!!!

When I saw that tweet, I decided it was time to leave my pity party and go be with some people who are making a difference. WOW! Are these people making a difference! I was touched by so many stories tonight both young and old. I was touched by all the dedicated volunteers that have been working on organizing this event since October.

I was touched by the luminaria ceremony that wrapped up my involvement in the evening. WOW!

My duties today was to man the luminaria table. People were able to purchase and decorate an luminaria bag for the evening ceremonies to honor someone who has battled the disease, in support of those who are battling, and in memory of those who lost the battle. They decorated these bags with paint, markers, stickers, and lots and lots of glitter! My job was to collect the money, fold down the edges of the bags, and help put the bags out for the evening ceremony.

We put out over seven hundred bags of which at least 300 were decorated!

The evening ceremony was illuminated by the bags. It was a wonderful atmosphere. I will write more about the ceremony tomorrow (this girl is really tired right now!) BUT what I will say right now…the ceremony was very touching which I don’t think left a dry eye on the football field.

I am grateful for all that the American Cancer Society is doing to help fight this deadly disease!
I am grateful for the opportunity to help at this worthwhile event the last two days.
I am even more grateful that I found something better to do then have my own pity party!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Let’s keep fighting this disease..together I think we really can make a difference!

My blessings to all that are fighting cancer….Dad, that includes you, too!


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