Thankful for Church Pews & Stained Glass Windows 2/365

2/365 Presbyterian Church Pews--Filling My Gratitude Bucket

I know–it is a crazy thing to be thankful for! I can’t help it! I grew up going to church with pews and stained glass windows. I am a traditionalist. I get great pleasure out of attending a church with pews and stained glass windows….especially at a Presbyterian Church. I feel closer to God. What can I say.

I have always felt this way. I tried to go to the more contemporary churches where all my friends go with the rows of chairs and the bleachers. I have! I just don’t feel “home” there. There is nothing wrong with these churches–they are great. It is like Pastor Ray Johnson from Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA says at the beginning of every service and I will paraphrase “…this type of service isn’t for everyone.” Some people just need their pews and windows!

Something else I am grateful for is the church organ, the choir, and the church bell choir!

Ok…awhile we are on the “church thing” I am always thankful when the Presbyterian Minister wears his robe! I like that! Reminds me when I was growing up and I was in the church choir in my white robe–I always felt like an ANGEL!

Filling my gratitude bucket one day at a time!

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